Across The Pond: Making The Move From Ireland To France

Are you considering finding jobs in France for Irish citizens? But you speak no French at all? Don’t worry! We can help you find a job today!

In Ireland’s long history of migration and movement, the UK and America have always played a part. But, what about France? This country is more than baguettes and you don’t need to be James Joyce to make it work! 

Moving anywhere new is scary and this is never more true than when moving countries. Yet, that isn’t to say that it isn’t worth it; for many Irish people today, France has provided an exciting adventure full of opportunity. Continue reading to find out how to make it happen and why this could be the time for you to take the plunge. 

Jobs in France for Irish Citizens

Jobs in France For Irish Citizens

Why Should You? What Does France Offer?

The pull of family, friends and home comforts can be difficult to leave behind. But, to call yourself part of the only 3.6 per cent of the global population who move countries should be a badge of honour and offers you a chance to build the life that you want. France can most definitely help with that, with so many positives to be revealed.

Quality of Life

The quality of daily life in France is one of the strongest selling points for making the move. Factually, it outperforms many including Ireland on the OECD Better life Index, which takes into account work life balance, safety, social connections and civic engagement. Yet, from a more human perspective, these factors are very literally life changing; childcare and education are affordable and the emphasis on balance is striking.

Life in France - Open air market


French cuisine hardly needs introduction but we’ll do it anyways! Here, eating is not a chore, but a daily luxury: quality ingredients and a respect for classic dishes create lasting memories and are a fantastic way to get in touch with the local culture.

Diverse landscape 

Whether you are searching for the bright lights of Paris or the peace and quiet of the Alps, France has got you covered. Alongside the 18 fantastic cities Babylangues operates in including Lyon, Lille, Paris and so many more, there is such beautiful countryside for those of who want to enjoy life at a slower pace. Make the move and you could have the choice between beaches, vineyards, mountains, cities… the list goes on!


There are many amazing things about Ireland but the weather famously is not one of them. Particularly in the South of France, the Mediterranean climate is a real pull for many. In these regions, the temperature average’s 30° celsius- much higher than Ireland’s 15°! However, summers here are hot throughout the country and when soaking up the golden rays, it will all seem worth it.

Irish Communities in France

Don’t have connections in France already? It can be daunting! Whilst moving to France gives you the chance to get close to the natives, sometimes the call for home comforts and your own language can be strong. There are hundreds of ways to connect with others in the same situation and plenty of ways to reach them. The Irish warmth and kindness will follow you wherever you are! These include:

  • Joining organisations such an Irish in France
  • Facebook groups
  • Irish bars and pubs

Saint Patrick’s Day in France

If you want to read more about how Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in France, click here.

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Jobs in France For Irish Citizens – Do I Need A Visa?

Visa queries are always at the forefront of our minds when thinking about travelling or moving somewhere new. However, for those holding an Irish passport, the process is easy and there is no Visa needed. In fact, “Irish citizens as EU nationals, currently have the right to live, work and travel to and around France without having to register with the French authorities.” It couldn’t be simpler!

How We Can Help – Find A Job in France Today

Here at Babylangues we provide part time jobs which are perfect for members of the Irish community lucky enough to be relocating to France. Whether you are searching for a part-time job to get you off the ground or begin to connect with the French way of life. It will give you the opportunity to see a French family up close and share your knowledge, creating bonds and memories to last a lifetime. With no French needed, it is ideal for all and is one of the many possibilities waiting for you here in France! 
To apply online and learn more about what we do, follow this link below: An adventure awaits if you do!

New Jobs in France For Irish Citizens All Year Round

You can land a job with Babylangues even if you speak no French at all!
To find out more about our language instructor positions in Paris and18 other cities in France, click just below.