Have you ever wondered how to manage tantrums as an English teacher?
None of us are immune to the terrors of a tantrum: whether it be on an airplane, public transport or in your very own home, it’s never the most pleasant experience for all involved.

Yet, as English language instructors, you possess an extraordinary set of skills. You are the brave defenders of proper grammar, the champions of vocabulary expansion, and the mentors who guide young minds toward linguistic greatness. But even superheroes like you occasionally encounter a formidable foe: the tantrum. Fear not! We’re here to arm you with super strategies to conquer those outbursts and restore peace and harmony to your language-learning realm. Get ready to transform tantrums from a villain into a sidekick on your quest for linguistic excellence!

Taming Tantrums: The Ultimate Guide For Superhero English Language Instructors!

How to manage tantrums as an English teacher?

Understand The Tantrum Universe

Just like superheroes, children have their own little world of emotions which can be intense to experience, for both child and language instructor alike! Tantrums can be triggered by anything from hunger to fatigue or even frustration with their secret identity as a small human. Everything is bigger when you are smaller! Take a moment to empathise and decode the tantrum language. Is it a scream for attention or a cry for comfort? What is the real issue at hand? Ask them questions and analyse the clues hidden within their activity that day. Once you identify the source, you’re one step closer to saving the day! 

Plan Ahead For Potential Tantrum Triggers

Prevention is your secret weapon! Keep your eyes peeled for possible triggers and have an action plan in place. Hungry Hulk? Pack some nutritious snacks. Bored Batman? Unleash the power of creative activities! This can be done with our helpful toolkit and card games, filled with activities to help you plan ahead and take the stress out of the planning of your sessions. With your preemptive moves, you’ll be able to minimise the chances of a full-blown meltdown.

Superhero Distraction Techniques As An English Teacher

When a tantrum is imminent, swift action is crucial. Be ready with your arsenal of distraction techniques. Transform into the master of redirection! Sing a silly song, whip out funny faces, or engage in a superhero-themed treasure hunt. We know that sometimes a tantrum will happen no matter your hard work and elite distraction techniques. However, sometimes the key can be to divert their attention away from the storm brewing inside. Before they know it, the tantrum will be a distant memory and they will be instead focused on having fun with you.

How To Manage Tantrums As An English Teacher?

Games to manage tantrums as an English teacher

The Power Of Calm in Managing Tantrums As An English Teacher

During the heat of a tantrum battle, maintaining your own cool is paramount. Stay calm, composed, and confident! Remember, you’re the superhero they look up to. Take deep breaths, keep your voice steady, and speak in soothing tones. Your calm demeanour will act as a shield against the chaos, guiding the child back to tranquillity.

Importance Of Communication

As a language instructor with Babylangues, effective communication is your secret weapon. Encourage the child to express their feelings using words instead of tantrums. Supercharge your listening skills and validate their emotions. Even if they are loud, this noise is a manifestation of very real feelings. Repeat their concerns back to them in a playful manner, like a superhero secret code. By doing so, you’ll help them understand that their voice matters, and tantrums aren’t the only way to be heard. This is the power of language and is a great opportunity to teach skills that go beyond vocabulary or grammar.

How to manage tantrums - your super hero power

How To Manage Tantrums As An English Teacher?

Consistency & Boundaries

Superheroes thrive on consistency and clear boundaries. Establish a routine and stick to it. Children feel safe and secure when they know what to expect. Set simple rules and ensure they understand the consequences of breaking them. Consistency in your approach will create a structured environment where tantrums are less likely to take centre stage. With consistency and boundaries by your side, you’ll create a language-learning fortress where tantrums are mere blips on the radar. By maintaining a structured and reliable environment, you empower your learners to focus on their linguistic growth and unleash their inner language superheroes. Together, you’ll conquer tantrums and pave the way for successful language mastery!

The Reset Button For English Teachers Managing Tantrums

Even the best superheroes need a break from the action. Introduce the concept of a “reset button” to your little proteges. Create a calm-down corner or a special retreat where they can recharge their superpowers. Encourage them to take a breather when they feel overwhelmed, reminding them that even heroes need a moment to regroup. This can be a great moment to read a book and take a step out of the emotions they are expressing. This reset button offers them a chance to regain their focus, calm their emotions, and return to the language-learning battlefield refreshed and ready to conquer new linguistic challenges.

Congratulations, superhero language instructors! You’re now equipped with the ultimate guide to managing tantrums. Remember, tantrums are a natural part of a child’s journey, and with your superpowers, you can transform them into teachable moments. Stay patient, remain playful, and never forget the power of your calming presence. Embrace the challenge, knowing that each tantrum you conquer brings you one step closer to building a stronger bond with the little superheroes in your care.

With these light-hearted strategies, you’ll navigate the tantrum universe with finesse, turning those meltdowns into mere blips in your adventure-filled journey. Together, you and your little charges will overcome every tantrum, creating lasting memories and forging an unbreakable superhero alliance. Good luck!

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