If you want to learn French rapidly, you have come to the right place as I am about to tell you how to learn the language in a quick and easy way. French is an easy language to learn if you follow the steps which I will tell you in this article. You might be learning French as a complete beginner, you might have studied it at school or you might be looking to practice and improve some of the different skills required for picking up a new language, like your grammar or your conversational and written French. I will tell you how to improve different areas of the language, whether you are at a beginner, intermediate or an advanced level. The skills you need at each level are the same but first it is important that you build up a strong foundation in the basics of the language.

How To Learn French ?

Lots of people who learn French in France have studied French or another language at school. Some other people might be looking for a beginners’ French course. If you want to learn a new language, you need to concentrate on four different areas : speaking, listening, reading and writing. Language courses in France and language courses in Paris will follow these four areas to help you learn French quickly and effectively. Once you have reached a certain level in your French and have learnt the basics of grammar and vocabulary, the most effective way to learn the language is to practice speaking with people as much as possible. You can find French conversation partners in many different places.

Universities & Schools

If you want to come to France to learn French, you could be looking for a language course. One of the best ways to learn the basics of the language is by attending a French language school or university course. You can find a list of language schools in different cities in France on the Babylangues website. You can attend language classes in the morning at a language school in a class suitable for your level of French. You could also join in more culture-based workshops, such as on cooking, cinema or history, during the afternoons at school. You will have a placement test to determine your level. This might be a written test

If you are from outside the EU and wish to attend a language course for more than 3 months, you will need a study visa to enable you to stay in France for longer than 90 days. If you have a study visa, you will also be able to work a part-time for up to 20 hours per week. A great  part-time job for students studying French in Paris or other cities in France is a babysitting job at Babylangues.

Learn French Online

You can also learn French in lots of different ways online and using the internet. Many different language schols in France do online language classes which you can join. Once again, you can choose a course at a time which suits you. You may also have to do an entry test to determine your level of French, so the school can select the course which will suit you the most. There are also lots of great apps and videos online which can help you learn a language. For example, you could use Duolingo or Quizlet to help you learn new vocabulary. You can also read French articles, listen to French radio or watch French TV programmes or news channels. All of these methods will help you be immersed in the language as much as possible. When you’re watching French programmes or listening to French radio, it’s a great idea to write down any new vocabulary that you hear. You could also do the same with any new words that you read. There are lots of great apps which like Memrise which could then be used to help learn this new vocabulary and improve your French.

Conversation Practice With French Speakers

One of the best ways to improve your French is by having conversation practice with native French speakers. This is a way to help improve both your spoken French and your comprehension of French. If you have French friends, you should try and practice with them as much as possible. You should also ask them to correct you on any grammar mistakes that you make. If you still want to learn French quickly but don’t know any French people, you could join a language tandem or go to conversation exchange evenings, where you would be able to both learn French and teach English as a foreign language. There are lots of sites and groups online where you can find language exchange partners and events.

Work As A Babysitter in Paris

A great way to use your English and learn French at the same time is by working as an English-speaking babysitter in Paris. Working with Babylangues as a language instructor is a great way to share your culture and language whilst being exposed to French. You can work in different cities in Paris and we will provide full training for you.

The Advantages Of Babylangues

Working with Babylangues as an English instructor brings lots of benefits. We can offer you  working hours to fit around your schedule and will provide you with lots of ressources and ideas to use in your sessions. You can learn French in the best possible way – by working with a French family and being exposed to their language. We will give you lots of support for your move to France, such as helping you set up a French bank account and dealing with other bureaucratic processes. We can also reimburse up to half of your transport pass depending on how many hours you work. Babylangues also offers lots of events to help you make the most out of your time in France. For example, we can give you free French lessons, cinema club evenings and language conversation evenings where you can meet native French speakers as well as other instructors.