School’s back, and so are we! 

It’s September, and here in France that can only mean one thing – La Rentrée! You start hearing whispers of the Rentrée in mid august, but when September comes around it’s pretty much the only thing that people talk about. Not even a global pandemic could stop La Rentrée from coming back to town: children flood back into schools kitted out with fresh pencils and pens that will inevitably get lost within a week, whilst adults will attempt to dial down the slightly questionable drinking habits they picked up during ‘le confinement’ as the 9 to 5 grinds back into action after a month of bliss. 

Much like La Rentrée, we at Babylangues are also back! We can all agree that it has been a truly bizarre six months, and we’ve had to adjust to some pretty big changes, but we have been working hard over the summer to ensure that we are ready for La Rentrée, and to work with you again! 

Being in Paris during this strange time is actually no bad thing; the streets are less crowded, the queues are almost nonexistent, and if you want, you can actually see the Mona Lisa up close, rather than from behind a sea of heads! You won’t find yourself rubbing shoulders with a stranger on the metro or fighting for space on the cobbled streets (which are gorgeous by the way). In short, it’s a wonderful time of year, so stop what you’re doing and come to France. Trust us, there’s nowhere you’d rather be!