Toolkit: Where To Live in Paris?

Paris is divided up into 20 arrondissements municipaux (or administrative districts). Arranged in a clockwise spiral with the first arrondissement located just to the North of the river Seine, the 20 districts can be identified by the final two digits of the postcode.

Many people will give you their lowdown on each arrondissement, and you are likely to find various points of view focusing on the different personalities of each arrondissement.  Once you start your life in Paris you will too learn the charms (and perhaps the not-so-charming aspects) of each district.

In terms of finding somewhere to live, some arrondissements are known for being safer than others. It is definitely advised to do some research on the different areas.

The public transport systems in Paris are efficient, meaning living in a different arrondissement to where you work does not necessarily mean a hassle. Between the Métro (underground), bus and Vélib (public bikes) services you are sure to find a commute that is not too complicated!

Be sure to check out this simulator, which allows you to see average rent prices across the city, with its calculations based on several factors including location, size and even the closest Métro station. For instance, this map reveals that the most expensive furnished studios are to be found near Invalides, Odéon and Saint-Sulpice. Looking for two-room apartment? Watch out for Solférino and Assemblée nationale, boasting some of the priciest spots in the city.

This very visual and interactive way of assessing rent prices across the capital is an ideal way to make an informed decision about where to live in Paris, as well as giving you peace of mind about potential scams and overly enticing offers.

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Where to live in Paris