When you imagine the summer in France, one of the first images that will pop into your head is a picnic (or pique-nique in French) in the park or by a river. If you happen to be in France this summer, we have no doubt that this image become reality such is their ubiquitous nature!

Whether it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon in the park or an after-work trip to the Seine, the French picnic is iconic and an almost sacred occasion so follow our handy tips to make sure you get it right!

The traditional French picnic is not complete without any of the following four ingredients: bread, charcuterie, cheese, and wine. The bread is often a fresh baguette that can be ripped apart and shared between the group or for a bit of flair, why not try a Provençal fougasse, a flatbread flavoured with rosemary, olives or lardons. Any cured meats will go down well, such as ham or saucisson, which make tasty sandwiches and can be accompanied by some traditional French cheeses, including comté, brie or a camembert. To wash it all down, a French picnic wouldn’t be French without a cooling bottle of rosé or white wine.

Other optional extras at a picnic may include crudités, quiche, savoury cakes and sweet treats. Usually each guest at the picnic will bring something different to the occasion and will be expected to share it around with the others. With the sun shining this July, make sure you head out to your nearest park and get stuck into a one of the most enjoyable aspects of French culture!

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