At The supermarket

When we think of French food, we often think of fresh baguettes or cheese counters. But for those of us who can’t go to the market everyday, it’s off to the supermarché (supermarket)! Our handy toolkit should help with those essential shopping phrases.

In France, there are many brands of supermarket but the big names are Carrefour, Franprix, Monoprix etc. You’ll also find smaller local ones in your area. Every supermarket, small or large, usually has a corner where you can pick up fresh breads and baguettes for the day. If you go early, then these will still be warm and fresh for extra yumminess. And although it won’t be quite as extensive as a market, the cheese aisles certainly have plenty of variety. Whether you like emmental or camembert or want to get experimental with a little bit of chèvre, the supermarché will have you covered. Be careful though! French supermarkets are usually open only till midday (if at all) on a Sunday, so make sure you’re not trying to shop last-minute on the weekend.

While you’re shopping for fruit and veg, check if it’s being sold by the piece or by the kilo. If it’s the latter, you’ll either have to get it weighed at the till or weigh it yourself at a scale provided. So now if you’re in the mood for some lovely, seasonal peaches you’ll know what to do. Supermarkets in France also stock a good variety of organic products, everything from fresh produce to snacks and pantry goods as well.

Now you hopefully know what to do right from picking up your ‘caddie’, up till the ‘caisse’. Happy shopping everyone! 

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