Our recent post in our Toolkit series included what to say when you go to the cinema as I’m sure you’ll do at some point during your stay in France. It may be important to be asking whether there are subtitles and this toolkit should certainly help. The South Korean film ‘Parasite’ recently won best picture at the Oscars and it got us thinking what language are people most intrigued about learning next.

With technology growing and more and more people having access to the tools to make a video, the world of film and television is becoming much wider than the traditional Hollywood English language films. After all, film was a French creation so it’s right we should start celebrating films in all languages. Film and television is also a superb way of improving your language skills, you can relax for an hour or two and fully immerse yourself both in the culture and the language.

So with this, is there a new language you’re learning where you could start watching films and television in the language during your downtime to stay fully immersed. Perhaps you might want to start learning Korean after watching ‘Parasite’?