Best Swimming Pools in Paris

  • Piscine Joséphine Baker

Located near to the Bibliothèque Francois Mitterrand, this pool is particularly special as it floats on the Seine itself. You can enjoy this outside in the summer months with sun’s rays glistening on this open-air pool. The Piscine Josephine Baker does also have a glass removable roof that allows you to enjoy a relaxing dip with a great view over Paris, even when it is a bit colder outside. Surrounded by the river’s water, you get the impression that you are swimming in the Seine, but without having to wade through sewage and rubbish that you might come across if you actually did swim in Paris’ central river. This pool is just so Parisian and is no doubt one of the best ways to swim in Paris.

Address: Quai Francois Mauriac, 75013

  • Piscine Pontoise

Constructed in 1933, this swimming pool is in fact classified as a historical monument. The building certainly gives this pool a particular charm that will take you back to Paris’ historic sporting scene. This pool stays open until 11:45pm so make sure you go for a night swim. It is also still used for events. Just last year a movie night was hosted at this pool, where people lay on floats and watched a projection of the film from the water.

Address: 19, rue de Pontoise, 75005

  • Piscine Keller

Situated in the heart of the Beaugrenelle area in the fifteenth arrondissement, the Keller swimming pool has benefited from a complete restoration. Reopened in 2008, this fantastic 50 metre pool can also open up during the summer. The water is always at a temperature of 28 degrees.

Address: 14, rue de l’ingénieur Robert-Keller, 75015

  • Georges Vallery

This pool was constructed for the Olympic Games in 1924 and still welcomes many competitive swimmers. The 50 metre swimming area that it proposes is particularly impressive. Why not challenge yourself at this grand pool?

Address: 148 Avenue Gambetta, 75020 Paris