Running in Paris: The Best Running Routes

Want to go running in Paris? One of the best ways to explore a city is undoubtedly by foot, and what could be better than discovering more of Paris whilst also trying out a new running route? Whether you are a new arrival to the capital, or already consider yourself to be a local, then this is the perfect opportunity to explore your surrounding area! Why not take in some of the beautiful sights and scenery that the City of Lights has to offer whilst also doing some exercise for free?

Bois De Vincennes

Located on the Eastern edge of the city, the Bois de Vincennes is the largest park in Paris and is absolutely superb for running! It is easy to forget that you are in the city whilst running around this park and with an impressive size of 2459 acres, there is endless greenery to explore. The Bois de Vincennes is also home to four lakes, a zoo, a botanical garden and a horse-racing track, making it the ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday Parisian life.

Jardin Des Tuileries/champs Elysées

Le Jardin des Tuileries sits peacefully between the Louvre and la Place de la Concorde and is the perfect size and location for a quick run in your lunch hour if you work centrally. Should you want to make your route slightly longer, then there is the possibility of running through Place de la Concorde and up the Champs-Elysées towards the Arc de Triomphe. The Champs-Elysées itself slopes slightly upwards and is quite a considerable length, but nevertheless offers the perfect opportunity for some luxury window shopping whilst you run!

The Banks Of The River Seine

The River Seine offers an idyllic running route through the very heart of the city. The banks of the river are completely pedestrianised, taking in some of the most romantic sights of Paris, such as Notre Dame and Pont Neuf, whilst also offering some spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower. You will always be in the company of other runners along this route, day or night, and the scenes never fail to impress!

La Coulée Verte (the Paris ‘high Line’ From Bastille To The Bois De Vincennes)

This 5km elevated trail is also known as “la Promenade Plantée” and runs alongside the buildings from Bastille down to the Bois de Vincennes. This walkway gives you an entirely different perspective of the city, and for the nosier runners amongst you, this route often offers a glimpse through the windows of the apartments that it passes!

Bois De Boulogne

Situated in the 16ème arrondissement, you will find the luscious and leafy Bois de Boulogne. This park is smaller than the Bois de Vincennes and located on the opposite side of the city, but is excellent for running due to its variation in terrain. With water fountains and forest areas to explore, there are plenty of different route options in this area – your running routes need never feel boring again!

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