Guided Tour Of Parisian Walkways

Discover the Parisian Walkways – Saturday 14th November at 2:30pm

With the CIJP – Club International des Jeunes à Paris

Embark on a discovery of Paris’ covered walkways. Making their debut at the start of the nineteenth century, these passageways were all the rage under the Restoration. They are the forefathers of our modern-day department stores. Still underappreciated even today, the walkways attract unassuming passers-by with the luxurious charm of their architecture and their eclectic array of boutiques: antique dealers, museums, even the odd tearoom from Paris during the Belle Époque.

Join us as we discover Paris in a, quite literally, more subdued and understated light, unearthing a more poetic, eccentric and peculiar side to the city. Our journey will take us through the Vivienne gallery to the Colbert gallery, together forming one of the largest covered walkways in Paris, finishing with the passage des Panoramas, one of the city’s oldest passageways, and perhaps even the Jouffroy passage.

Price: 6€ (members, online payment), 10€ (non-members, without booking)

Start Time

Saturday 14th November at 2:30pm


Outside 5 boulevard Montmartre, 75002, Paris (M° Grands Boulevards)

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