After Paris Attacks

Today, we wish to reiterate the sentiment we shared in January 2015, after the assassination of the journalists at Charlie Hebdo.
Our first thoughts go to the victims of the Paris attacks and their families.

Now more than ever, the entire Babylangues team wants to tell the Instructors how highly we think of their work.

Day after day, the instructors share their language, their culture and their personal differences with the children, in order to help them understand what brings us all together.

Message For Our Instructors

“We have chosen to work with you because we trust you and everything that you represent. Do not hesitate to share these elements with the children. The children strive to make your native language their own. And your language is just one of many differences, but perhaps one that is simply more emblematic given that the children’s efforts to master your native tongue are more obvious, more tangible. The drive to learn another language derives from a desire for mutual understanding. A drive that can prevent us from forming prejudices.”

This weekend, we have had to find the words to explain to the children what happened in Paris on Friday. It is, of course, incredibly difficult to find the right words to explain such terror to children.

We trust our instructors to develop a calm and serene environment for the children, to protect them from harm, to continue to bring joy, emotion and laughter into their daily life, despite the difficult times we are living.

 “battered, But Not Sunk”

Fluctuat nec mergitur” (Battered, but not sunk) has been used as a motto for more than 600 years by the city of Paris. We will continue to live by this motto.