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Free Velib Pass

The Free Velib Plus Pass for Babylangues Instructors

Take a bike, return it where you like, Velib’ is a self-service bike system available 24 hours a day, all year round.
As an Instructor with Babylangues, you are entitled to an annual free Velib pass, allowing you to cycle around Paris at your leisure.

Just buy the annual subscription, send us the confirmation email, and we will reimburse you on your first paycheck! Once you have signed up online, your card will take five to seven days to arrive in the post. If you do not have a fixed address in Paris yet, please use Babylangues’ office address and come pick it up.

In most cities in France

Whether it be a velib in Paris, a VevoV in Lyon, Le Velo in Marseille, a V3 in Bordeaux, a Bicloo in Nantes to name but a few, all Babylangues instructors all eligible.

How It Works

With all the subscriptions, the first half an hour is free, so you can ride as far as you like without getting charged. After that first half an hour, there are additional fees, but you can always return your bike and take out another to continue your Parisian journey free of charge!

Suscribe to the Velib pass here.


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