Focus On …

… Place Garibaldi in Nice

For many people, the main attraction in Nice is undoubtedly the beach! However, behind the Promenade des Anglais there is much more to discover to this colourful city.

Place Garibaldi

This large and open square sits just behind the Old Town in Nice and with its colourful yellow building façades and striking Baroque architecture, has a distinctly Mediterranean feel to it. It is also one of the oldest forums in Nice, and was designed by Antoine Spinelli in 1773 and is named in tribute to Giuseppe Garibaldi, who commanded and fought in a significant number of military campaigns that eventually culminated in the Italian unification. In fact, Place Garibaldi is of such strong historical importance to the city that many of the bars and restaurants in the square have to abide by strict building and presentation regulations in terms of building decor and the furniture on their terraces!  


Encased within the very centre of the square sits a magnificent statue of Garibaldi, which is surrounded by numerous fountains and lush vegetation. Many of the main roads of Nice cross this square, such as Avenue de la République and Boulevard Jean Jaurès, making it an important cultural hub for the city.

The Vieux-Port is a short walk away, as is the famed Colline du Château Hill, making Place Garibaldi the perfect spot to pause for a morning coffee in the sunshine on any itinerary of a trip to Nice!

Some NiÇoise Specialities To Try Whilst You Are There

Pan bagnat – A Niçoise salad served in a thick white roll – a speciality street food of the area!

Socca – Essentially a crepe or pancake made from chickpeas, this Niçoise speciality is cooked on a wooden stove or a copper plate and is deeply ingrained in the culinary traditions of the city.

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