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Focus on: Madeleine Champ de Mars in Nantes

The name of the area Madeleine Champ de Mars in Nantes area refers literally to its precise location; the first part relates to La Chausée de la Madeleine (the main road in the centre of Nantes) and the second part refers to the built up area on either side of Carnot Avenue and Jean Claude Bonduelle to the Saint Felix Canal, where you can find the Champ de Mars.

This area is renowned for Le Lieu Unique, which is, in fact, built on the premises of the LU biscuit factory. Here you will find the Congress Hall and the site of the siege of Nantes Métropole.

LU, which stands for Lefèvre-Utile, the name of the family that founded the company, dates back centuries and has become emblematic of the city of Nantes. The infamous Petit Beurre biscuit, created by LU in 1888, is still enjoyed today where you will not find a single French child who does not eat these biscuits! Typically the French eat the four corners first and then the rest of the biscuit.

Under the direction of urban planner Jean Francois Revert, this area has gone through profound changes in recent years. Following its redevelopment, the area has become a feat of contemporary architecture including original reconstructions of former industrial buildings, which has in turn given the area a new lease of life. It has as such become very attractive for young people and families that have recently moved to this new and exciting area of Nantes

madeleine champs de mars in nantes

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