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Le quartier de Noailles in Marseille

Nestled behind the Vieux Port de Marseille, the Noailles neighbourhood sits right in the centre of the city and is located in the 1er arrondissement. A true multi-cultural treasure trove, Noailles is a bustling melting-pot of different languages, cultures, sights and smells! Whilst this might seem a little disorientating to begin with, if you dig a little deeper beneath the surface, there are some true gems to be found in this lively area.

Throughout the 1800s, Noailles was an area of Marseille reserved purely for the aristocracy. At the turn of century, immigrants began to settle in the area, all bringing a little slice of their own culture to their new home. Slowly but surely, the aristocracy were pushed out further into the West of Marseille and Noailles became the multi-cultural hub that it is today! In a recent survey, over half of the 5000 residents of the area were under the age of 29 and almost 40% were not of French nationality.

Often referred to as a neighbourhood of shopkeepers, Noailles is known for its animated market, which takes place on a daily basis along the rue du Marché-des-Capucins. Open six days of the week, here you will find cuisine from all around the world. A trader’s day might start just before dawn and finish once the market closes, not long after sunset. Here, fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat are sold at very affordable prices. The market is frequented by residents and visitors from all walks of life. Students, pensioners and young families alike come to restock their cupboards and replenish their fridges! You can buy a whole pizza for around 4 or 5 euros in Noailles, which just goes to show what bargains can be found as you wander the narrow side streets.

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