Discover … La Rochelle

Le Vieux Port

La Rochelle, otherwise known as the La Ville Blanche or the White City, in recognition of its white limestone facades, is noted for having arguably one of the most impressive sea ports in France. With a long and rich history, the city’s origins date back to the Roman period, there is plenty to explore in this bustling town.

Le Vieux Port or the ‘Old Port’ dates back to the 13th century. It is recognised for the two towers that guard the entrance, la Tour de la Chaine and la Tour Saint-Nicolas, that have remained standing and protecting the entrance to the city since their erection, and in spite of tumultuous events such as the siege of 1628.  These towers are particularly beautiful and frame the entrance to the city.

What To See & Do in The Area

Enjoy the impressive architecture of the Vieux Port, as well as the busy atmosphere. Host to a myriad of bars and restaurants, this lively atmosphere is not to be missed. Sit along the port, enjoy a glass of wine and benefit from the city’s impressive and delicious selection of fish and seafood which, being so close to the sea, is a speciality of the region. Lap this all up in a beautiful setting, surrounded by the pleasure boats and impressive yachts of the rich and famous.

What To Do Nearby? Day Trips From La Rochelle?  

If you have enough time make sure to visit the famous island of Ile de Ré, a regular stomping ground for holidaying Parisians this August. Cycle across the bridge that connects the island to the La Rochelle mainland to experience the beauty of its white sandy beaches and electric atmosphere. If you want to stay on the island, there are plenty of campsites as a cheaper option so why not set up and pitch your tent!

l'ile de ré