Discover Dijon

Focus on … Les Halles 

While we may all know about Dijon for its mustard, the town has a lot more to offer.

Historically home to the quasi-royal Dukes of Burgundy. Capital of the Cote d’Or Department of France and the historic region of Burgundy, Dijon is known as a culinary capital of France notable for its fine wine and excellent food. The Dukes of Burgundy brought art to the city, which now holds a reputation for its artistic history and prolific collection of museums.

Les Halles De Dijon

Do not miss the covered market, otherwise known as Les Halles de Dijon. This market boasts the most incredible food treats and delights. Housed in an impressive cast iron building from the 1880’s, this market is not to be missed. The full market takes place three days a week, on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. During this time there both the market and the surrounding streets are filled with stalls and vendors selling all different types of delicious produce.

Whilst there may be some tourists at the market, the majority of the clientele are in fact Dijonnais doing their weekly shopping. Feast your eyes on the treats of the Burgundy area such as serious cuts of meat for boeuf bourguignon, a regional speciality, and much more such as tete de veau. Whilst this may make the vegetarians among us a little squeamish, not to worry there are plenty of other stalls offering an abundance of vegetables and regional cheeses. If looking at all that food has got you hungry, there are plenty of brilliant restaurants inside and around the market where you can stop for a bite. Or la cave des halles which offers wine to fuel your shopping experience!

What To Do Nearby?

Luckily the area around this covered market is great for exploring too. Located in the centre of town there are plenty of things to do and see nearby.

les halles