French Tradition : la Fête Des Grand-mères

The Fête des Grand-Mères was in fact created by the coffee brand, Café Grand’Mère. Its origins were therefore very much part of a commercial marketing scheme in 1987. Since the late-eighties, on the first Sunday of March, grandmothers have been celebrated and this event has become increasingly popular over the years. Promotional campaigns and advertisements have given this celebration great coverage in the press.

The Fête des Grand-Mères has since become officially acknowledged as part of the French calendar, alongside Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Before this tradition was introduced only a few decades ago, grandmothers had been included in Mother’s Day. This celebration is nowadays the chance to thank grandmothers in particular for the important role that they play within the family.

French children often use ‘mamie’, originating from the English ‘mammy’, as a term of endearment and affection when addressing their grandmother.