Mardi Gras in France

21 February 2023

Despite its religious roots, Mardi Gras is a holiday for all: if you love pancakes and dressing up, this one’s for you! However, not sure… Read More

Sablés Flocon de Neige

1 December 2019

Sablés are a traditional French biscuit made of flour sugar and butter. They often have a crumbly texture and are great as a sweet snack!… Read More

Eclair au café

5 November 2019

Did you know that coffee is good for the brain?  Yes, apparently more than one of those great philosophers (the ones we casually throw into… Read More

Tarte Tatin

1 March 2019

FRENCH RECIPE – TARTE TATIN France is a country renowned for its delicacies. In each city across the country there are countless boulangeries, meaning you… Read More

Crêpes for La Chandeleur

1 February 2019

Will you be making crêpes for La Chandeleur? The crêpe is a French pancake which is traditionally served on the 2nd of February, the day… Read More

Petit Fours Salés

2 January 2019

We at Babylangues love helping our instructors discover classic French culture and what could be more classically French than the baguette? However, baguettes are usually… Read More

Gateau Breton

25 October 2018

Since November marks the centenary of the Armistice of the First World War, we thought why not explore a French recipe from the war period?… Read More


1 October 2018

Cassoulet is a hearty stew from Toulouse. It is a combination of beans, sausages, pork and other meats. It is a regional specialty of the… Read More

Niçoise Salad

23 April 2018

Have a go at making your own salade niçoise from scratch with our quick and healthy recipe. Read More


22 March 2018

French macarons have a reputation for being difficult to make; follow our recipe to enjoy macarons at home and you'll see it's not so hard!… Read More

Sole Meunière

23 February 2018

Follow this simple recipe for Sole Meunière - a delicious rustic French dish consisting of fish cooked in butter and lemon. … Read More

Tarte Flambée

23 January 2018

Tarte flambée, or flàmmeküeche in the Alsatian dialect, is a speciality of the region of Alsace. The dish is quite like a strange version of… Read More

La Raclette

18 December 2017

Raclette, a dish native to Switzerland but very popular in France, is the perfect dish to enjoy on cold nights, when you feel in need… Read More

Bûche de Noël

22 November 2017

The ‘bûche de Noël’ is a traditional dessert that usually terminates the Christmas dinner in francophone countries and dates back to the Middle Ages. Read More

Coq au vin

27 October 2017

Coq au vin is a signature dish of French cuisine as it combines numerous ingredients that are typically associated with France such as chicken, mushrooms,… Read More


26 October 2017

Aligot is a traditional dish that has its origins in the region of l’Aubrac in southern France. The story goes that aligot used to be… Read More

Soupe à l’oignon

6 October 2017

Now that the nights are drawing in and the days are getting colder, we thought that we would share a recipe for a classic French… Read More

Tarte aux fraises

11 August 2017

This strawberry tart is a classic French dish that you will find in almost every boulangerie across the entirety of France. Although it may look… Read More

Quiche Lorraine

28 July 2017

You will find this French classic on the menu of practically every single bistro or brasserie in France. The majority, if not all, French people… Read More

Moules Marinières

29 June 2017

The scrumptious combination of fresh seafood, wine and a large hunk of crusty baguette is a match made in heaven, and whilst this recipe is… Read More

Asperges en chemise

23 May 2017

As we near the end of Spring and start to get ready for Summer, fresh asparagus can still be found in abundance at your local… Read More

Tarte à la rhubarbe

28 April 2017

Here is our quick and easy recipe for Tarte à la Rhubarbe, or Rhubarb Tart in English. Why not try and make this delicious Spring… Read More

Oeufs cocotte

31 March 2017

When we think of Easter eggs we tend to think of chocolate eggs. This recipe is thus a slightly different take on an Easter egg. Read More

Easy Artichauts

7 March 2017

Artichokes are such beautiful vegetables that always draw attention at the market. The thought of cooking them is, however, a little daunting. Where do you… Read More

Fondant au chocolat

1 February 2017

Warm yourself with a little bit of chocolate comfort this winter with our super easy recipe for a Chocolate Fondant. Read More

Galette des Rois

31 December 2016

Discover our Galette recipe - this can be severed in various forms; here is a simple but delicious recipe so you can still enjoy it… Read More

Pain d’épices

30 November 2016

This spiced ginger loaf is a very old cake which has its origins in Antiquity. It is mostly consumed in France especially in winter. Read More

Tian de Courgettes

30 May 2016

French Recipe: Tian de Courgettes A tian is the name given to a shallow baking dish and anything cooked in it. This is a very… Read More

Flan Parisien

2 May 2016

With picnic season on the horizon, a flan parisien makes for the perfect dessert. A traditional flan parisien is prepared with shortcrust pastry and flavoured… Read More


30 March 2016

A traditional bouillabaisse is a French fish stew consisting of a mixture of fish varieties (red mullet, scorpion fish, conger eel…). Read More


29 February 2016

FRENCH RECIPE: GRATIN DAUPHINOIS - Gratin Dauphinois is a well-established recipe in France, most notably in the historic Dauphiné region in southeast France. Read More


3 February 2016

Here is a delicious recipe that will get your taste buds going!… Read More

French toast

5 January 2016

Everyone knows that the French eat a lot of bread. Pain perdu (French Toast) is traditionally the recipe used to recycle stale bread and make… Read More

Les Madeleines

27 October 2015

FRENCH RECIPE: LES MADELEINES These small cakes, traditional of the Lorraine region, are the emblems of children’s snacks in France. These sweet and soft delights… Read More

Boeuf bourguignon

2 October 2015

French Recipe: ‘BOEuf Bourguignon’ (easy version) An exquisite traditional recipe to tantalise your taste buds, made with Burgundy red wine! This is the perfect feel-good… Read More

‘Tarte Tatin’

3 September 2015

French Cuisine: The famous Tarte Tatin (easy version) In France, we have a wide range of apples and autumn is the chance to taste a… Read More