‘la Délicatesse’  by david Foenkinos

Translated into English as ‘Delicacy’, ‘La Délicatesse’ was written by French author and screenwriter, David Foenkinos and tells the story of a widow who finds love in the most unlikely of places. When the novel was published in 2009, it became an international success and won several prizes that year.

After the death of her husband, the protagonist, Natalie, becomes a social recluse and shuns all forms of affection. Only after meeting a man who is the complete antithesis of her late husband is she able to feel love again. ‘La Délicatesse’ was so popular that is was made into a film that was released in 2011 with Audrey Tautou playing the role of the main character.

‘La Délicatesse’ reads like a mystery, and as a reader, you only have as much of a clue about the central character as the men around her do. Getting involved in the story is like peeling away layers of mystery and finding the truth.

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