Esl Games & Activities: The Market Game!

Learning English should be fun! Which is why it’s so important to incorporate games into your activities with the children, so they can engage with English without feeling like they’re still in the classroom. Find out about our ESL Games & Activities: the market game!

After a day of school, it can sometimes be difficult to fully engage a child’s attention. The best way to capture a child’s interest is through fun challenges. Rather than written lists or exercises, these activities practise their everyday English vocabulary through play, so that the child is really invested in what they are learning. 

Today I went to the Market - ESL games &activities
Today I went to the Market – ESL games & activities

Activity Idea: The Market Game!

One idea to try this month is the market game! This is a very simple concept, which you might recall from your own childhood

The game begins with you saying “Today, I went to the market and I bought…”

Name one thing, and choose the vocabulary you use based on what you may have already taught in previous sessions, or perhaps something you know they’ll be interested in, such as their favourite food. 

For example, “Today, I went to the market and bought…ice cream.” 

The child should reply “Today I went to the market and bought ice cream and…”

The result is a game that practises vocabulary but also memory; the latter means the child won’t get bored or put-off by the more explicitly educational side of the game. It becomes a challenge to see who can remember better. You can go on for as long as possible! 

Drawing as a tool to enhance memorization

Drawing can also be a tool if you say a word that they don’t yet know, or if they are keen to express themselves but aren’t aware of the English translation yet. 

You can focus on vocabulary that you might find in a market or supermarket, or make the game more entertaining by suggesting things that are definitely not found in the supermarket. 

For example, “I went to the supermarket and I bought an elephant, a submarine, and a castle” is more likely to make a child laugh than groceries! 

One way to end this activity could be a drawing exercise, in which the child tries to remember as many of the items as possible, and draws them all together in a shopping basket. This way, you have something to refer back to as a reminder of vocabulary for future sessions.

ESL Games & Activities: the market game!

Today I went to the Market - ESL game&activity

ESL Games & Activities: the market game!