Esl Games & Activities: Drawing, Naming & Pressing Flowers!

ESL Games & Activities : Drawing, naming & pressing flowers!
Flowers! As we take the first steps into spring, let’s incorporate the new season into a game designed to make language-learning fun and colourful. 
All over France, flowers are beginning to bloom as we transition into March. An area of English vocabulary that children may not directly or naturally encounter inside their home is flowers. 

ESL Games & Activities : Drawing, naming & pressing flowers!

One way to introduce them to flowers is through drawing. With some coloured pencils, simply ask the child to draw their favourite flowers. This is also a great way to go back over colours, or even patterns, if they decide to make their flower a bit far-fetched or fantastical. 
But don’t worry! You don’t need to be an artist. Drawing a daisy or a daffodil doesn’t have to be super complicated; what is most important is colour. 

Many flowers have similar names in French and English, so some should be easy to pick up: 

Rose – Rose 
Lily – Lis
Tulip – Tulipe 
Lavender – Lavande 
Violet – Violette
Iris – Iris 
Mimosa – Mimosa
Orchid – Orchidée

It is of course not vital that you know the French translation – in fact, the opposite. You should only ever use the English word. 

Other common flowers you can draw or show pictures of are: 


Beyond this vocabulary, you may need to do some research about flora and will also need some confidence in your drawing skills! 

Make this activity dynamic by adding unusual colours, patterns, or styles, and asking the child to come up with a name. For example, come up with a rainbow rose or a crazy daisy. It can have leaves sprouting everywhere, with different sized petals and thorns. These modifications to a classic flower are an imaginative way to expand on vocabulary. 

The perfect way to continue this activity is in the park. If the option is available to you, and depending on the nature of the park, you can point out flowers and colours while you are out and about with the children. 

Pressing flowers is a sweet way to remember this activity. Do not pick flowers! You can use them if one has fallen, or if there are flowers at home coming to the end of their prime (ask the parents first, before you squash their flowers!). 

Esl Games & Activities: Drawing, Naming & Pressing Flowers!

ESL Games & Activities : Drawing, naming & pressing flowers

Gather Your Materials

You’ll need fresh flowers, absorbent paper (such as blotting paper or newspaper), a heavy book or flower press.

Choose Flowers

Select flowers with flat petals, such as daisies, pansies, or violets, as these tend to press well.

Prepare Flowers

Trim the stems of the flowers, leaving only a short length. Remove any excess foliage or leaves, as they can cause the flowers to rot during the pressing process.

Arrange Flowers

Lay the flowers flat on a piece of absorbent paper, spacing them out evenly and ensuring they do not overlap. Arrange the flowers face down if you want to preserve their natural shape, or face up if you prefer a flatter appearance.

ESL Games & Activities : Drawing & pressing flowers

Press Flowers

Once the flowers are arranged, carefully place another sheet of absorbent paper on top to cover them. If desired, place a piece of wax paper or parchment paper between the flowers and the top layer of absorbent paper to prevent them from sticking.

Add Weight

Place a heavy book or flower press on top of the stack of flowers and paper. The weight will help flatten the flowers and facilitate the drying process. You can also add additional weight on top of the book or press for extra pressure.

Let Flowers Dry

Leave the flowers pressed for about 1-2 weeks to allow them to dry completely. Check on them periodically to ensure they are drying evenly and to replace the absorbent paper if it becomes damp.

Remove Flowers

Once the flowers are fully dried and pressed, carefully lift them from the paper. Use them for various crafts and projects, such as making cards, framing, or creating pressed flower arrangements.

Esl Games & Activities: Drawing, Naming & Pressing Flowers!

ESL Games & Activities : Drawing flowers

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