Year Abroad in France

As part of your university course, you may have chosen to carry out your 3rd year abroad.
Babylangues has become the leader in early language education for children in France, with a growing number of highly trained instructors operating in 18 different French cities.

Whether or not you are studying, working with Babylangues as a language instructor will give you the opportunity to further immerse yourself in French language and culture.

No French is required to work as a language instructor with Babylangues, and training in the Babylangues teaching method is provided.



The year abroad might initially seem like quite a daunting task. It is possible that you will be feeling nervous and unsure whether to go through with it. The challenge of facing a new language and encountering a different culture may almost seem impossible. However, becoming a language instructor with Babylangues for your year abroad will help you easily integrate into French life.


Working with Babylangues on your year abroad means that you will be entitled to numerous benefits. For example, a Babylangues language instructor earns one of the best salaries in the industry. To find out more click HERE.
There are also many regular social events held by Babylangues to help you ease into French life and culture.

Conversation Evenings

Every month you can attend the “Mardis de Babylangues”, where you can meet and talk with our other instructors and native French friends. You can broaden your knowledge and understanding of French films by attending the monthly French cinema night.

Discover France & Learn French

During your year abroad with Babylangues, you will be able to take advantage of discounts on trips, where you can explore other cities throughout France, making friends along the way! You will also have the chance to improve your French language skills at the weekly free French classes provided to our instructors.

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