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“I have recommended Babylangues to my friends! I tell them its an easy and comprehensive process if you feel that you are capable of helping a child learn English and interacting with one. It’s a great experience overall.

I have gained a deeper understanding of the french culture and language along with a lot of great experiences with the children. You gain patience and respect for others, and you get to remember what its like to be a kid.

Whenever there is a break through in learning of a language it’s always exciting. Anytime the kids applied themselves and tried it was very enjoyable.

I studied abroad in Paris and it is where my husband is currently working.
I learned French just by being with the children and many of their quirks and customs. The families were extremely kind and welcoming and i won’t forget the children.

I had experience working with children in the past, and since my french is at a beginner level, I thought this would be the best job for me.

It was an extremely easy and friendly process. The entrance tutorial was very comprehensive and reassuring.
I expected to find work that allowed me to survive and still have a life, and those requirements were met!”

Tuesday, August 11th, Anonymous Babylangues Instructor

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They Actually Help With Providing The Teaching Materials & Tools.

“I would definitely recommend Babylangues to my friends. I would tell them about my great experience while working with Babylangues as well as with the family, how much help I have received and how well the Babylangues team supported me. I have gained much more experience in having authority over children, being more patience and do much more effort to make myself heard and understood as there is a language barrier between us. Working with Babylangues has really been a great experience during my stay in Paris. I really enjoyed it when I first introduced the “Simon Says…” game to the children that I’m taking care of, I’ve never seen them so excited and getting very involved in an activity. They actually made so much effort and motivate themselves to speak English while playing this game.

I was based in Paris, I chose Paris because it was easier for me to move in as I have a relative who lives in the city. I applied to Babylangues mainly because I wanted to spend my spare time by doing something enriching besides going to school, and also to gain some more working experience. I chose Babylangues because they are more organized in matching the instructor with the family and they actually help with providing the teaching materials and tools.

I came to France to learn French with the dream of being able to study in a French university, and my expectations were met as I am accepted to one of the university. Maybe Babylangues could have helped by organizing some free guided-tour to some famous landmarks or organize some dinner with French cuisines.

Regina, Babylangues Instructor, Wednesday, July 2015

Very Positive Reviews

Great company and very supportive. I’m really appreciative of the family I was given! They are wonderful and I will stay in contact with them. Attending a birthday party was a good moment.

My parents live in Paris. I was living in France for the year and both enjoy working with children and needed some money. I had a friend with very positive reviews about Babylangues. My expectations were to learn French and enjoy taking a year off of university and they were for the most part met. I think Babylangues helps but I did not attend any of the events.

Ariadne, Babylangues Instructor, Thursday, July 2015

Good Word Of Mouth

I had no problems with them and enjoyed my time working with them. Being able to communicate with a child that only speaks French when I can only speak English. My enjoyable moment was Christmas in the mountains with lots of snow.

I chose Paris, It’s one of my favourite cities and I wanted to learn to speak French. I applied to teach English to children. I chose Babylangues because of good word of mouth and advertising. My expectations were to learn French, to be able to work in Paris and they were met.

Rosanna, Babylangues Instructor, Thursday, July 2015