Best Pay Rate in France

We’re proud to offer the best pay rate in the industry in France – you can trust that you’re working with industry pioneers, and that you’re getting the most out of this part time job in France.

The Babylangues salary varies between €13.40 and €20.90 an hour*(before tax) for a job in Paris, depending on the type of session you’re doing. Plus, of course, that comes with a load of great benefits and help towards your travel costs.

  • Remember, when you’re looking for jobs in Paris or indeed anywhere in France, that you should be aware of whether the pay is “brut” (which means “gross” in English; before tax), or “net” (which means “net” in English; after tax). 

* These figures are as of September 2023 and will vary outside of Paris

So, what about those benefits? We offer a great range of perks for all our Instructors to make their time abroad as enjoyable and valuable as it can be. Here’s what they look like at a glance:

  • Free French classes 
  • Free trips away
  • Help with travel costs
  • Free social events
  • Free language exchange evenings
  • Help finding accommodation
  • Help setting up a bank account and getting a social security number
  • Free mobile phone
  • General help from a dedicated HR team to help you settle in!

Want to know more about our benefits in detail? Read on!

Free Guided Tours in France

Benefits For Our Teaching Jobs in France

We know that living and working abroad is a fantastic experience, but also that it can be a little overwhelming at times! We do our very best to make your stay in France as stress-free as possible by helping you out with all sorts of things, from administrative challenges to free events. With a community by your side to help out with the tricky things, you can focus on enjoying your time abroad and making memories to last you a lifetime. 

Free French Classes in Paris

Considering we’re a company who offer jobs in France for English speakers, it makes sense that we help you out a bit with your journey through French language and culture, right? One of our most useful benefits is that we offer free French classes to all of our working Instructors, and they’re organised every week exclusively for Babylangues Instructors. Here’s a bit about them at a glance:

  • You can choose beginner, intermediate, or advanced classes, and they’re all run by a professional teacher who can help you learn French, improve your French, or simply practice it.
  • Enjoy the benefits of small class sizes, which allow you to have more one-on-one attention from both your class peers and your teacher.
  • Reading, writing, and speaking practice in French.
  • Located in central Paris and accessible online for Instructors in all other cities.
  • Never leave a class with a question unanswered!
Free French classes in Paris France

And as well as our classes, we also offer free monthly conversation evenings

Plus, you’ll be picking up more French during your work, too. With our help, you should be confident in your French speaking skills in no time!

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Free Trips Away

One of the best parts about living abroad is that you’re closer to so many other fantastic cities to explore. Paris, Nice, Marseille, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Vienna, Krakow – they’re all waiting to be explored!

By inviting your friends to come and work with us, you can get your hands on free trips away through our referral programme, both within France and further afield. It’s our way of saying thank you for spreading the Babylangues love! Find more about how it works here

Help With Travel Costs

We like to give our instructors a bit of a helping hand with the cost of travelling around the city.

We contribute towards some of the cost of a city bike subscription and some of the cost of a monthly travel pass for our working Instructors – in Paris, for example, this would be a Velib’ pass and a Navigo, allowing you to save a bit of money and have more to spend on enjoying the rest of life abroad.

All of our Instructors can receive contributions from us towards their travel costs! Every single one of you. And remember that those bike passes give you a fantastic way to discover the city you are based in. Whether it be a Velib in Parisa VevoV in LyonLe Velo in Marseillea V3 in Bordeaux, a Bicloo in Nantes, you’ll have a way to explore the city on wheels!

Find a Job in France - Travel discount

Free Social Events & Language Exchanges

Work hard, play hard, right? Babylangues organises free social events throughout the year, giving Instructors the chance to meet each other, make friends, and (most importantly) have fun. Meeting other people abroad can often be a bit of a tricky task, so we think it’s important to bring you all together – and we love to meet you, too!

Whether it’s a free guided tour, a cinema evening, an office party, a Christmas party, or one of our famous boat parties, there’s always something going on to look forward to.

Our monthly language exchange evenings are free for all of our instructors, and your first drink is always on us! They happen on the first Tuesday of every month, and so are aptly named “Les Mardis de Babylangues”. Here’s a bit about them:

  • One-to-one conversations over a drink
  • 20-minute exchanges in French and English
  • First drink is on the house (and in Paris that’s an offer hard to refuse…!)
  • All levels of French welcome
  • Get to know some of your fellow instructors!

All levels of French are welcome, so do not miss the opportunity to improve your French.
To sign up for the next mardi de Babylangues, click here.

Help Finding Accommodation

Finding a place to live abroad is, quite often, an absolute nightmare – “cauchemardesque” as the French would say! 

With the challenges of trying to avoid scams, seeing how nice a place is just through photos online, knowing where to look for places to live, deciding what kind of accommodation you want… the list of things to consider is a long one. 

Naturally, we’re happy to help you out with it! You can check out our accommodation page here for a bit of advice, but where we can help out the most is by sending you our extensive accommodation guide, if you’re a working instructor. Our exclusive guide will explain all your options and give you a list of sites to explore, making sure you know how to house hunt!

Help With Banking & Social Security 

French administration is notoriously challenging for everyone and setting up a French bank account as a foreigner can be quite stressful! We do our very best to make it easier for you. With a dedicated HR team in the office who can help you out personally, and a bank partnership in place, Babylangues can help you every step of the way with setting up a bank account and getting a social security number.

You can read a bit of our basic bank advice here, or, just like with our accommodation help, you can receive our extensive banking guide as soon as you become one of our Instructors. 

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Part Time Jobs for English Speakers - Learn French

Free Mobile Phone

Another thing that you’ll come to learn about France is that it’s very useful having a French phone number to be able to use for forms and administrative things (any administration you have to do really is a long, annoying process in France – any French local would tell you the same!).

In order to make sure you’re connected and contactable, we can provide all of our Instructors with a free mobile phone for the duration of your stay in France. With up to two hours of calls a month and unlimited texts within France, you can use your phone for work or play or both.

Salary & Benefits

So, that’s just about everything! Working with us is so much more than just a salary and a contract, because as well as all of our great benefits, one of the biggest perks is that you have a community by your side the whole time you’re in France – and we’re always here to help.

Here’s a quick recap of all the key things to remember:

  • Best pay rate in the industry in France
  • Free French classes
  • Free trips away
  • Help with travel costs
  • Free social events
  • Free language exchange evenings
  • Help finding accommodation
  • Help setting up a bank account and getting a social security number
  • Free mobile phone
  • General help from a dedicated HR team to help you settle in!


If you’re an English speaker, apply for this part-time job in France today! 

Filling out our online application takes no time at all, and you just have to tell us a bit about yourself. Once you’ve sent it in, it goes straight into the hands of our recruitment team for review.

Plus, if you’re not in France yet, it’s not a problem! You can still apply today even if you’re planning on coming later on – with a successful application, you can start working when you get here.