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Salary and Benefits


The Babylangues salary typically varies between €12.81 and €20.90 (before tax) an hour for a job in Paris.*
Babylangues offers the best pay rates in the industry in France.

Salaries in France are often quoted “”brut”” (before social security tax). There is around a 23% difference between net and brut salaries. We also give partial reimbursement of your monthly/weekly travel pass.

*Figures as of September 2019

  • Beware of the way some pay-rates are advertised in France, which may be misleading. 
    Gross (English) = brut (French)
    After tax (English) = net (French)
  • Be careful: when not specified, some pay-rates are advertised before tax.

Benefits for our teaching jobs in France

Babylangues strives to ensure that your stay in France be as stress-free as possible, helping you out in little ways to make your stay truly memorable.


Babylangues also offers you French lessons, organised exclusively for Babylangues Instructors.

During these classes Instructors are able to practice their French in a relaxed yet formal setting, with the opportunity to ask questions and improve their command of the language guided by the help of our teacher. These classes should be an opportunity for Instructors to ensure that they are confident in their spoken French; no one should leave the classes with questions unanswered!
Classes are divided into groups: beginner, intermediate, advanced. For more information click here.

Free French classes in Paris France

Babylangues offers its instructors free language classes and free conversation evenings.

Help finding accomodation

There are many ways in which Babylangues can help its Instructors find accommodation in France.
Find out more here.

Help with Bank Account and Social Security

Babylangues helps its Instructors settle in. Whether it be with opening up a bank account or filing for French social security, our HR team is here to help. Find out more here.


Once you become part of the Babylangues community, we can provide you with a mobile phone and contract for the duration of your stay, including two hours of calls a month, with unlimited texts within France, and Internet access.


To help you get around the city, all Instructors are eligible to a free Velib’ pass, the Paris bike service. This subscription can be made at any point during your contract and lasts for a year, at which point you can simply renew your pass. The equivalent pass is also offered in our other cities in France.

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All Instructors are eligible to a free Velib plus pass, a fantastic way to discover the city you are based in. Whether it be a velib in Paris, a VevoV in Lyon, Le Velo in Marseille, a V3 in Bordeaux, a Bicloo in Nantes to name but a few…


Babylangues hosts a free language exchange evening the first Tuesday of every month for its Instructors.

An opportunity to meet native French speakers and French students!

  • One-to-one conversations over a drink
  • 20 minute exchange in both
  • French and English
  • 4 different partners over the course of the evening
  • First drink is on the house!

All levels of French are welcome, so do not miss the opportunity to improve your French.
To sign up for the next mardi de Babylangues, click here.


Babylangues gives you the opportunity to discover France with special discounted rates on excursions and trips. Discover the historic district of the Marais or the Père Lachaise Cemetery, take a trip to the Normandy region or to Bordeaux to enjoy a day of wine tasting and vineyards.

Teach English in France and discover French Culture


“Babylangues fait son cinéma”Every month Babylangues hosts a free evening of French cinema in a Parisian café. Feel free to bring along your friends!

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Babylangues offers its instructors delightful guided tours through the streets of Paris away from the tourist trail. Babylangues offers you the chance to discover a part of Paris in the company of a welcoming, enthusiastic guide who is in love with the city! Just like a friend taking you on a walk, your guide for the day will share with you their experiences, some useful addresses and a few anecdotes along the way. As well as learning about the area’s history, architecture and culture, you will be encouraged to soak up the atmosphere and explore Paris for yourself.

Free Guided Tours in France
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Your Contract

Your contract is a CDI (Contrat à Durée Indéterminée), which means there is no fixed end date. It is the safest type of contract in France. In accordance with French law, 10% of your pay will be put aside for you as “congés payés” (paid holiday). This will be paid to you during the school holidays to compensate for the absence of scheduled sessions in these periods. Being employed by a French company gives you the right to French Social Security and health insurance.

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Salary and Benefits

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