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Work in France - Thank You - Invite your friends

Referral Programme

sPreAD THe WorD, eNJoy THe reWArD!

To guarantee a truly unforgettable time in France, why not invite your friends to join you on the cultural and linguistic adventure that is Babylangues! As many of our Instructors have done already, share your experience and enthusiasm and invite your friends to work in France and to embark on the Babylangues journey with us. We offer a reward scheme (details of which can be found below) to show our appreciation of your contribution to the Babylangues community.

reFerrAl ProgrAmme

  • 1 friend joins Babylangues = 1 trip within France for 2 days (individual two-day trips in France have a value of 85€)
  • 2 friends join Babylangues = 2 trips within France for 2 days
  • 3 friends join Babylangues = 3 trips within France for 2 days
  • 4 friends join Babylangues = 1 trip for two people to a European capital city (At a value of 600€)

HoW Does THe reFerrAl ProgrAmme Work?

To make the most of any of these programmes, please make sure that your friends fill out our online recruitment form. They must not forget to put ‘rp001’ as well as your name and your email address in the “How did you hear about Babylangues?” section. This way, we can keep a record of your referred friends and guarantee your reward! For you to be eligible for these trips, you and your friends must work with Babylangues for at least 40 hours each. Trips can be replaced by their corresponding value in gift vouchers.


Work in France - Thank You - Invite your friends

As the French say, “Plus on est de fous, plus on rit!”

(“The more, the merrier.”)


of our instructors would recommend Babylangues to a friend.


of our Instructors applied to Babylangues because a friend recommended us.

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Referral Programme

Work in France - Thank You - Invite your friends

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