Our Philosophy

Babylangues strives to offer the most conducive setting to learn a foreign language, one based on initiation, practising the language just like one would one’s mother tongue. This is achieved through a calm and serene environment, in which all aspects of the language can be developed, casting off the realm of academia and business and instead offering a daily, oral practice at the heart of the family home, giving rise to joy, emotion and laughter. This forms an approach applicable to all aspects of daily life, particularly that of childhood, as the earlier and more frequently a child is exposed to a language, the more successfully the sounds, accentuation and melody are captured and reproduced. Such is our philosophy.

Through the richness of its vocabulary, its structure and its melody, a language gives depth and substance to everything that surrounds and unites us, imbuing objects with new colours, allowing our relationships towards others to regain their enchantment. A new language enables us to perceive more astutely our surroundings, helping us to discover things about our mother tongue that we would never have imagined. A language is therefore not a vehicle leading us to a specific destination, but instead a journey in itself, as described by Nicolas Bouvier, a journey that both defines and divides us.

The relationship between the Instructor and the child is the key to its success; a tight bond must be woven as a means of encouraging both the child and adult alike to express themselves. Babylangues enlists Instructors who delve back into their own origins, rediscovering and revitalising the building blocks of their language and personality, and finding there within the joy, emotion and laughter they experienced as a child. Day after day, they pass on these aspects as part of a teaching experience based on exchange and games, as this successful transmission of a language and its culture cannot exist without the intellectual curiosity and keen shepherding of our Babylangues Instructors.