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Founded in Bordeaux in 2008 by Caroline Benoit-Levy, linguist and specialist in early language acquisition, Babylangues became the first company in France to offer language learning to infants and toddlers through parent-baby workshops.

Based on her own linguistic studies and continuously augmented by cutting edge neuro-linguistic research, Benoit-Levy has developed a unique teaching methodology. From these workshops emerged today’s Babylangues which is based on language immersion through interactive games and activities in home settings.

Mathias Benoit-Levy, with an extensive background in children’s theatre and an advanced degree in Business administration, has contributed to the firm as co-founder and managing director.

Immediately popular, Babylangues drew strong media attention. To keep up with the demands and needs of French parents, Babylangues expanded to Paris, Lyon, Lille and Nantes developing a teaching program designed specifically for weaving language acquisition into the daily routine of the child.

Babylangues continues to grow, now offering its services in sixteen French cities.Histoire de babylangues Stars


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Logo Du Babil a la Langue - Notre Histoire

The motto “Du babil à la langue” echoes the ethos of the Babylangues methodology, viewing the learning of a foreign language as being in constant motion and progression. Always in blossom with new words, phrases and structures, the Babylangues teaching program tracks the transition from the ‘babbling’ of an infant to their ever strengthening grasp of a foreign language, literally “Du babil à la langue.”

Not forgetting the all-important ‘S’ at the end of Babylangues, with Instructors teaching not only English, but also languages from all over the world, including Spanish, Mandarin, German, and Japanese, to name a few.

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