5 Ways To Find Flexible Jobs For English Speakers in Paris, France

Are you looking for ways to find flexible jobs for English speakers in Paris, France.
Don’t dream of working a 9-5? You’re not alone! Trying to find a job which is flexible and works for you can be tough, particularly when you want to make use of your time here in France. However, there are plenty of options available which can work around your schedule and let you explore your new home to the fullest. Our team here at Babylangues has put together a list of ways to find these opportunities and take the stress out of the process.

1. Job Websites – Flexible Jobs For English Speakers in Paris, France

Although perhaps the most obvious suggestion, if you are not familiar with the french sites, it can seem a bit of a minefield. Here, employers can post their job advertisements and you can apply directly either with your CV and cover letter, or via a URL to their application site. Need help writing yours in French? Do not fear and follow our helpful guide for more advice on how to make yours Paris ready!

ways fo find flexible jobs for English speakers

Some of the most popular sites include:

  • Indeed
    • Whilst not all jobs on Indeed provide flexible options, this job finding giant provides an enormous range of opportunities when searching for work. Simply filter your search with keywords such as temps partiel or job étudiant and your new city to see what’s on offer.
  • Welcome to the Jungle
    • This site is a great option for those looking for remote work, with its télétravail filter option which allows you to find a job that you can do remotely – what’s more flexible than working from your bed?!
  • Monster
    • Operating in France since 1999, it works in a similar way to LinkedIn and offers jobs primarily in Paris and the surrounding area. 
  • Richemont 
    • This job site is great for those who are looking to break into the world of French luxury. Offering opportunities ranging from internships to executive positions, this is an ideal option for anyone looking to fulfil their Emily in Paris fantasy!
  • The Local
    • The Local is amazing for those of you with limited French levels. Don’t let language skills hold you back from making new and exciting career moves.
  • English Jobs France
    • Similar to The Local, English jobs France is a great tool for all the English speakers out there, allowing you to use your expertise to your advantage. 

2. Facebook – Flexible Jobs For English Speakers in Paris, France

Another useful resource at your disposal when trying to find English speaking jobs in France is Facebook. Still the world’s most popular social media network, Facebook is not just a means of connecting with old friends and watching craft videos! Nowadays, it hosts a large community of recruiters posting their vacancies and job seekers eager to fill them, providing an easy and accessible way to put yourself out there. The most effective way to narrow down your search is by joining focused Facebook groups that are catered to a certain city or sector, engaging with the posts and perhaps creating your own to advertise your services and/ or experience. For example, groups with titles such as “Jobs in Lyon”, “English teaching jobs in Marseille” or “Student jobs in Paris” are sure to give you options! From there you can either message a recruiter directly, follow a link to their website, or simply register your interest with a comment. One thing to be conscious of, however, is that scams and fake job postings are not uncommon in groups like this. Be wary of posts with vague information and no link to an organisation website, as they may be individuals posing as recruiters, in an attempt to scam job-seekers. Approach with caution, don’t trust an account that seems dodgy, and never give any personal information over Facebook. As long as you stick to these rules of thumb, Facebook can be the easiest method of finding a job quickly! 

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3. Linkedin 

The more professional cousin of Facebook and the home of job networking, LinkedIn is definitely your friend when it comes to looking for a job in France. Your profile serves as a sort of interactive CV but without the word limit – the more information the better! There you can list previous experience, your education history and the skills you can offer to potential employers. Connect with people you know, have worked alongside or would like to work with, to build your network and reach other people in your field. In doing so, you can message employers directly to enquire about vacancies or the company in general, as well as apply for advertised jobs. There is also the option to demonstrate you are job-searching via an “Open to Work” banner on your profile to try and attract companies to approach you; equally some companies will use the banner “#Hiring” to indicate that they are looking for new employees. Get connecting ASAP!  

4. Networking 

Sometimes, the best way to find yourself a flexible job is simply by talking to people! By having your ear to the ground, you can often find more unconventional opportunities which may not be online. Not only this, but it is also a great way to meet people and get to know those in your community regardless of whether it leads to a job or not!

Cold emailing is also a great way to make a good impression on your potential employers. Simply email your CV and cover letter to companies which interest you and wait to see if it leads anywhere. Although this may not be the quickest way to get a job, it can be a great way to find opportunities which are not advertised. It shows that your eagerness is not a result of what is available, but what is inspiring! 


5 Ways To Find Flexible Jobs For English Speakers in Paris, France

5. English Teaching Agencies

Whilst babysitting opportunities in France can be found on sites like Facebook, they can often be short term and at late notice, which makes it hard to plan your days effectively. This is what makes English teaching agencies a great option which allows for maximum flexibility. Just simply let them know your availability and they can match you with a family that works with your schedule. 
Babylangues provides English speaking/ teaching babysitting jobs in Paris and 17 other cities across France. Whether you’re looking for a student job alongside your studies, or a part-time role while you explore a new city, we will certainly have a role to suit you! Apply here and become part of the team today!