Teach English in France – No French Required

The Babylangues Instructor job description is to immerse the child in an English bubble, bringing together language and culture in an innovative and personalised way. The Babylangues teaching methodology is based around three principal ideas. The first being that of repetition and ritualisation, making your language part of the child’s daily routine, transforming the slightest task or action into moments filled with linguistic intrigue and discovery. Working with the same children, day after day, week after week, month after month, allows you to pick up on certain routines and habits, reconsolidating and reinforcing vocabulary, grammatical structures along the way.


Training & Lesson Plans Provided

Babylangues sessions are also an important moment to instill the English language with a sense a fun and innovation; taking place for the most part in the after-school period, it is vital that you can free the language from the studious realm of academic, reaching a point whereby you and the child are having fun together and it being almost by chance that these exchanges be in English.

“A great moment was when I started hearing my kids speak in English without being prompted, and when they started speaking in full sentences.”

— Anna

Part-Time Jobs in France for English Speakers

Get To Know A French Family

The final aspect is that of individualism, taking into account the age, hobbies, interests, and learning rhythm of the child so that the English language truly resonates with them. Working with an individual family on such a frequent basis over a substantial period of time grants you the opportunity to engage with the child on a personal level and understand their best ways to learn.

“As I got to know the children I was working with- know what they liked and disliked, their hobbies and their sense of humour- working with them and teaching English in France became really enjoyable.”

— Sinead

Part Time Jobs in Paris, France (No Teaching Experience Needed)

A Unique Cultural Discovery

These elements weave in and out of one another to form the key to the Babylangues methodology, that is the unique bond woven between instructor and child. After all, the main motivation the child will have for learning the English language will be their language instructor and the strong relationship between them. Working in such an intimate setting not only allows the instructor to share their language and culture, but also to benefit and experience another, with families frequently reciprocating these intercultural and linguistic exchanges.

“I was placed with a lovely family in the suburbs of Paris. They have welcomed me into their family and definitely provided me with insight into life and cultural practices in France. On multiple occasions they invited me for dinner!”

— Andrew

Free French Classes & Many Other Benefits

Babylangues offers its Instructors free French classes and many other benefits. Find out more about our benefits here.

No Teaching Experience Needed

The Babylangues method was invented with each Instructor in mind so that, combined with their personal experiences and energy, they can learn how to teach their language to one or several children, without having any teaching qualifications. Everything is thought up so that the language is learnt and acquired in an enjoyable and secure way, both for the children and the Instructors!


Training Sessions

At the start of their contract, all Instructors attend an intensive training session led by Caroline Benoit-Levy. Security, interacting with the children and authority, all these aspects are covered during the day. But the essential part of the training session is the understanding of the methodology, which will allow you to transform every moment spent with the child into a learning adventure, nevertheless keeping the experience one that is filled with energy and fun.

Teaching Materials

Babylangues has invented and selected its own teaching materials. Everything is already prepared for you: books, activity workbooks and a CD of songs specially recorded for Babylangues. Naturally, each Instructor is encouraged to add their own personal touch to their teaching approach, bringing in new activities and ideas if they so desire.

Lesson Plans

Each month, all Instructors receive lesson plans to be developed over the course of their sessions, with indications of the materials to use and with ideas to be adapted according to the age and level of the child.

Follow-up & Advice

A dedicated specialist is available in our offices to advise our Instructors on potential issues related to the teaching methodology or any specific problems they may be having. This advisor is an experienced Babylangues Instructor who will be sure to help you find the solution you need.


Instructors share lunch after a training session on a boat on River Seine.