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Are you looking for an English-speaking job in France? Do you want to teach English in France?
Want to make a bit of extra money and experience life in France like a local?
This part-time English teaching job might just be perfect for you, and we’d love to share a bit about it with you.

We offer part-time jobs in Paris and 17 other cities all over France, we hire all year round, and we’ve been doing so since 2008! Plus, you don’t need any teaching experience, and you don’t need to speak French. So, what does this part-time English teaching job look like?

Well, we’ve pioneered a unique teaching method that has been trusted by thousands of French families and approved by linguists.
We make learning English part of a child’s regular routine, so that they spend part of their day in a little “bubble of English” created for them by their Instructor. Allowing them to play, do puzzles, draw, snack, dance, sing, go to the park, and generally have fun, all while speaking and hearing English, means that they begin to pick it up in the same way they did their native language. One of the key ideas behind this is that by working regularly with children for a number of days, weeks and months, they will learn so much through repetition and routine. They’ll pick up your pronunciation, they’ll learn about your culture, they’ll hear how you structure sentences, and they’ll learn vocabulary in the real world with you – so the whole thing is as natural as possible, and there won’t be a grammar book in sight.

“A great moment was when I started hearing my kids speak in English without being prompted, and when they started speaking in full sentences.”

— Anna, Babylangues Instructor in Lyon, February 3, 2023

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See what the job is like, as seen on French Television

This method really works, too! It was carefully created by a professional linguist, Caroline Benoit-Levy (one of the company founders) and it’s all based on the science behind language learning. Plus, it’s been praised over the years by some great media outlets such as the BBC, NPR, Elle magazine, Canal+ and many more.

So, as one of our Instructors, it’s your job to guide the children through this language learning experience. We’ll fully train you to be able to teach our method, with the help of materials that we’ve designed with you in mind! 


Learn With Us – Get Training & Lesson Plans

For children, we make learning a language something that’s fun, natural, and away from the school environment. For our Instructors, we make sure that you can learn everything you need to make this possible – so remember, you don’t need any prior teaching experience, because we’ll train you!

We’re proud to offer full training to all of our Instructors, so there’s never a moment when you won’t know how to spend some of that quality English-speaking time with the children. You’ll be trained to know key safety information as well as all our teaching tips and tricks, which will make you a confident Instructor in no time (and it’ll give you some experience you can use for the rest of your working life!). And, of course, you’ll get a selection of materials to use with the kids for your sessions – you’ll get books, activity books, music recorded especially for Babylangues, and more. Plus, you’ll get regular lesson plans to give you a guide for what to teach every month. By spending more and more time with the children and building up a bond with them, you’ll be able to take into account their age, interests, and hobbies, so that the way you teach can be adapted around them and the experience is all the more enriching for you both.

“I liked the idea of getting out of a classroom setting. Lots of great moments come to my mind! But mainly the little things were the children would say a new word I had taught them, a sign that I was helping them learn.”

— Cameron, Babylangues Instructor in Paris, January 15, 2023

Get To Know A French Family

One of the main reasons people want to work abroad in Europe is that they want to experience life in another culture. Yet quite often, jobs for expats and students in France don’t offer an easy way to experience true French life and culture – if you’re stuck in an office, that is! With Babylangues, you’ll be working closely with a local French family and seeing them on a regular basis, meaning you can see their way of life and culture first-hand.

And the best part is you’ll form a great relationship with them, so it’s not uncommon for the families to invite Instructors round for dinner or to stay in contact with them for years. This relationship you form with the children and their families is not only valuable for you in your time abroad, but it’s actually a key part of the teaching method, too – the children are much more motivated to learn when they have a strong relationship with their instructor, because they want to learn and play with you. You’ll share your culture with them, and they’ll share theirs with you.

“Throughout the whole year I felt like the family really welcomed me and included me in their life therefore really bonding with their girls which made the experience very enjoyable. Babylangues is a great company to work for and they are very helpful with integrating into French life and always great if you have any queries.“

— Sophie, Babylangues Instructor in Marseille, March 1, 2022

Free French Lessons – Learn French!

Like we said, you don’t need to speak any French for this part-time job in France! We hire people with all levels of French skills, from total beginners to fluent speakers. No matter how much you can or can’t speak French, your experience will be the same, and there are advantages to being on either end of the scale.

Plus, we offer free French lessons! Since we’re offering jobs for Americans in France, for Brits, for Aussies, for expats, for students, and generally non-French speakers, we thought it would be a good idea to give you free French lessons as well, to help you along in your journey through French language and culture.

And if you’re worried that you won’t be learning enough French just in these free classes alone, don’t be! You don’t need to speak any French for the job at all, but you’ll be learning French on the job naturally. Even though it’s based around you speaking English for the children to hear, it’s a two-way street, because they’ll be speaking French around you all the time! You’ll hear so much French from the children that you’ll be surprised how much it will improve your vocabulary and speaking skills.

Imagine you and your French child are doing some drawing, and you draw a little bird. Your 4-year-old French child says “Regarde! C’est un oiseau!” (Look! It’s a bird!). And so, you say “Yes that’s right, it’s a bird! Can you say bird?”. And in a matter of seconds, the child has learnt the English word “bird”, and you have learnt the French word “oiseau” – it’s a fantastic learning experience for both of you!

Follow Up & Specialist Advice

We have a dedicated specialist available in our office who can offer advice to Instructors if and when any issues come up – whether about specific problems or just for some teaching tips! The advisor is a trained linguist and experienced Babylangues Instructor, so you can trust they’ll be able to work with you to find a solution to any problems you might find.

Instructors share lunch after a training session on a boat on River Seine.

Requirements To Teach English in France

Here’s a list of our requirements and what we’re looking for from our applicants:

  • Be a native English speaker or have native-level proficiency (we need this for the method to work properly!).
  • Have some work experience with young children – this could be anything from tutoring to childcare to coaching a sports team – it doesn’t have to be complicated!
  • Be available on at least two weekdays from 4pm, and/or on Wednesdays or Saturdays (i.e. you’ve got to be free at a time when the kids aren’t at school!).
  • Be aged at least 18 years old.
  • Be an EU citizen or have a valid visa.
  • Be kind, keen, responsible and creative – art and music skills are always a great bonus to have!

Salary, Benefits, Hours, & More!

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  • Head over to our Salary and Benefits page to see what you’ll be getting with the job (including the chance to win free trips away with our referral program!).
  • See our Flexible Hours page to see how you can create your schedule.
  • Find out which cities in France you can work in.
  • Read some more testimonials from past instructors.
  • If you’re looking for something a little different, why not read about our Internships?
  • Got any more questions we haven’t answered?  See our FAQ page!

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