Internship Opportunities Abroad in France With Babylangues 

Finding an internship abroad in France is difficult. This is why Babylangues chooses to give a few motivated students the opportunity to work in their office in central Paris each year.

If you are looking for an internship abroad in France, why not join our young and dynamic team? Every year, we try to find students that have the necessary drive to become part of the Babylangues community. If you are ready to work autonomously, to improve your French and to be taught the necessary skills to excel in a French working environment, you might be one of the lucky candidates that will manage to secure an internship in central Paris with Babylangues.

Ready For Your Internship in Europe? 

Are you our ideal candidate? You are:

  • a native English speaker or have excellent proficiency
  • proficient in French (and motivated to improve!)
  • a student currently enrolled in a degree at university 
  • an excellent communicator with good organisational skills
  • able to work autonomously with great attention to detail 
  • friendly, curious and open-minded personality!
  • someone who enjoys working in a small and close-knit team 
  • proficiency in another language is an asset 
Student in Paris France

The Babylangues Recruitment Internship in France

As a recruitment intern, you will be the backbone of the company by helping Babylangues hire the right kind of people. You will learn how to conduct a good interview, how to spot skills and potential, and how to make people feel enticed by the way you are presenting the company during an interview. 

You will be a vital part of the recruitment team and will assist in every step of the recruitment process. 

Your tasks will include: 

  • Assessing online applications, selecting applicants and inviting them to attend an interview (in person or via-skype)
  • Conducting  interviews and presenting the Babylangues brand to interviewees within the context of a competitive market
  • Oversee the administrative follow-up of successfully recruited candidates (requesting legal documents, background checks and references)
  • Explain the next steps of recruitment to newly hired instructors and provide them with advice on accommodation and administrative procedures

This role requires excellent communication skills and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced working environment. 

Free French Classes in Paris France

The Babylangues Hr Internship in France

In Human Resources, you will be the first person of contact for our instructors if they have any questions. You will gain invaluable people-skills and will learn how to skillfully resolve queries, an important asset that will prove useful in your future career. 

You will be trained in HR procedures and learn how to navigate the complex French bureaucratic system. 

Your tasks will include: 

  • Drafting, editing and terminating contracts;
  • Monitoring and managing the administrative follow-up of employees (work authorisations, compulsory medical visits and training);
  • Compiling details of the instructors’ needs and feedback, and analysing your findings to suggest improvements;
  • Managing the monthly pay (validating the hours declared by the instructors and the families, managing the holiday pay and reimbursement for travel expenses).

For this internship position in France, we need you to have an advanced level of French, excellent organisational skills and be team-work oriented. 


The Babylangues Client & Commercial Relations Internship in Paris, France

Can you see yourself in a client-facing role, finding the perfect instructor for each of our clients? As part of our ‘match’ team, you will support the daily commercial and client relations operations of Babylangues. You will learn how to communicate effectively with clients and to respond to their various needs. 

You will be improving your French skills and oversee a large and varied client base inside or outside of Paris. 

Your tasks will include: 

  • acting as a client liaison and corresponding with clients and instructors via email or phone 
  • arranging meetings and contract inquiries and 
  • oversee the workings of the company process by keeping in touch with clients 
  • working on client-instructor problem resolution

You will excel in this role if you are analytical, detail-oriented and an organised worker. An advanced level of French will be necessary for this internship in France. 

The Babylangues Marketing Internship in France

Do you want to see your creativity come to live and help the Babylangues brand blossom? As part of our marketing team, you will learn how to produce interesting content, effectively advertise a brand across different channels and organise events and gatherings for our instructors. 

You will be able to contribute your creative vision to strategically advance the promotion of the Babylangues brand. 

Your tasks will include: 

  • Creating, developing, monitoring and evaluating business partnerships (e.g. marketing

Babylangues by giving presentations to students at partner universities throughout Paris);

  • Updating, translating and feeding all communication mediums (online ads, booklets and posters) and developing Babylangues’ presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In);
  • Exploring and developing new communication channels;
  • Strengthening communication between the office staff and instructors and developing the community of Babylangues instructors (monthly newsletter, social and cultural events).
  • Overseeing the training process for new instructors. 

You need to be able to think outside the box, be creative, outgoing, and know how to navigate the Internet and Microsoft Office. 

Interested in One Of Our Internships in France? 

Apply now by sending your CV and Cover letter (in French or English) to

When? Our internships start in January, July or September – depending on your and our schedule. 

What do you need? We will need a Convention de stage from your institution or university, and a valid working visa where applicable. 

  • If you are interested in applying for a job as a language instructor with Babylangues, click here.