Is Speaking French A Requirement?

If you do not speak any French, no need to panic! Whatever your level of French may be, you will be eligible to work with us. The fact that you are not at all able to speak French can be an advantage, because it facilitates the language learning process and can often be appreciated by the families. At the other end of the scale, the ability to learn French and speak French well can also be a positive aspect for some families, especially when the children are a bit older.

Babylangues will give you the opportunity of Free french classes adapted to your level.

Learn French With The Children

A hidden advantage of your job as a language Instructor with Babylangues is the fact that your French will improve, thanks to the children you are teaching! You will have a unique opportunity to meet with French families and to get acquainted with French culture, picking up new phrases along the way.

Learn French in Paris

One of the many benefits of working at Babylangues is our free French classes!

All of our Instructors in Paris are entitled to free French classes while they are working for us!

Our classes are run by our qualified French teacher who also works at the Alliance Française in Paris and they are exclusively for Babylangues Instructors.

Improve Your French in Paris

The classes focus mainly on conversation practice, and work on perfecting oral fluency. Our teacher uses audio clips, videos and other materials to stimulate group discussion in an entirely French environment.

During these classes our Instructors are able to practice their French in a relaxed yet formal setting, with the opportunity to ask questions and improve their command of the language guided by the help of our teacher. These classes should be an opportunity for our Instructors to ensure that they are confident in their spoken French; no one should leave the classes with questions unanswered!

Free Online French Classes

These classes take place once a week in the Babylangues office, and they are divided into various groups according to the level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. If you are not sure which level class you should be in, do not worry! Attend either level and our teacher can help to ensure you are in the right group.

For Instructors based outside of Paris, we offer free online classes.

Learn French in Paris France

The French classes at Babylangues offer a great opportunity to meet our other Instructors in Paris!

Be sure to come along to our Mardis de Babylangues event as well, which is a one-on-one language exchange event with local French native speakers allowing you to practice your French in an informal environment over a drink!