Part Time Jobs in Tours For English Speakers

Looking for a part time job in Tours? Want to meet some locals and learn about life in France?
We’ve been offering part time jobs in France for English speakers for over a decade, and we work in the lovely city of Tours. This medieval city in the heart of the Loire Valley is only an hour from Paris, and with plenty of green space, history, culture, and a vibrant student population, it’s a brilliant place to live and work, and you could be part of our team as soon as tomorrow.

We’re looking to hire kind, creative, and responsible English speakers to join our international team to teach English in Tours – we’ve been bringing together English speakers and French families in this city since 2008. We hire all year round, we don’t need you to have any French speaking skills, and we don’t need you to have any prior teaching experience – it’s all very simple! Working part time with us is a fantastic way of ensuring you have support behind you as you settle into life in France, as well as ensuring you have a bit of extra income! We can introduce you to some of the locals, give you some lovely little benefits, and that bit of extra cash that makes life a bit easier. Interested?

English Speaking Jobs in Paris France

Job Description: Teach English in Tours

This part-time teaching job in Tours is not your traditional language teaching job – it’s so much more! Here are the key things to know:

  • Get unique teaching experience – our teaching method is effective, individual and enjoyable! We teach by getting the children to spend part of daily life in a “bubble” of English: getting up to all sorts of fun like playing, drawing, doing puzzles, reading, snacking, playing hide and seek in the park, and so-on, learning as they go along. As a language instructor it’s your job to create the fun, stimulating environment needed to learn. You’ll be fully trained, given materials, and gaining experience that will serve you proud for the rest of your working lifetime.
  • Work with children: learning and playing together on a regular basis will allow you to form a great bond with the children you work with, making the experience all the more worthwhile.
  • Meet a local French family: forming this bond with a French family will definitely improve your understanding of French language, life, and culture – getting you the most out of your time abroad.
  • Work part-time from 4 to 20 hours per week – we find the best family for you, so it suits your routine and location.
  • Have free time for studies, socialising, or exploring the city!
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Salary & Benefits

The juicy part: what do you get out of having this part-time job in Tours?

  • Competitive pay rates: 10 – 16.50€ NET per hour (these are the best in the industry!)
  • A CDI contract (the safest and simplest in France)
  • Discounted bike subscription 
  • Contribution towards your monthly travel pass
  • Free mobile phone
  • Free online French classes
  • Free trips away with our referral program
  • Free administrative help from our HR team to help you navigate through any administrative challenges you might bump into!


Here’s a quick bullet summary of the people we’re looking for, who should be:

  • Native or native level English speakers
  • Aged 18 or over
  • EU citizen / in possession of a valid visa 
  • Experienced working with children (anything like childcare, tutoring, or sports coaching is great!)
  • Available at least twice a week in out-of-school hours (so from about 4pm on weekdays and/or on Wednesdays and Saturdays – French kids don’t go to school on Wednesdays if you’re wondering why that’s in there!)
  • Staying at least a whole semester / 3-4 months (or longer, of course)
  • Kind, patient, keen, creative and responsible
  • Remember!
    • You don’t need any teaching experience (because you’ll be fully trained!) or prior French speaking skills! We hire people with any level of French, whether beginner or fluent, and it makes no difference to your experience.

Come & Work With Us! Apply Today

Like what you see? Applying is simple. All you have to do is fill out our online application form which takes about 10 minutes to do, and that’s it. From there, your application comes through to our recruitment team for review, and they’ll be in contact with you soon.

Plus, if you’re not in Tours yet, it’s not a problem! You can apply now, get hired, and start working when you get here.

English Speaking Jobs in Tours, France

Why Work in Tours?

Tours is a vibrant, colourful city in which there’s plenty to see and do. With it being only an hour from Paris and being a great hub in the heart of the Loire valley, it’s often a popular travel destination for people looking to escape big city life and enjoy the outdoors and the vineyards for a bit, so much so that it gained a nickname as the “Garden of France”. But that’s not to say that people only visit Tours for its location at all – in fact, in a city full of history, culture, and life! With a decent sized population of around 140,000, of which many are students, it’s not too big or too little, and it’ll have you feeling at home among the locals in no time. Interested in seeing some things to do in Tours? We’d love to share some with you.

Things To Do in Tours


Exploring the old centre of any city in France is always a good idea. The old town centre of Tours is absolutely stunning – with cobbled streets, hanging flower baskets, little cafés, boutiques, shops, narrow alleys, and plenty more to find, it’s as quaint as a French town centre gets. Make your way to the square Place Plumereau to find some gorgeous and lively bars and restaurants for a lunch or an afternoon drink in the sun. The centre of Tours is also a brilliant place for finding markets for some fresh, local produce. You’ll find a huge range at les Halles, the indoor market, which is open Tuesday to Sunday, or try the flower market at Boulevard Beranger, or on the first Friday of each month there’s the gourmet market at Place de la Résistance. You’re spoilt for choice! Here’s a list of all the markets you can find.

English Speaking Jobs in Tours, France


If you’re looking for some peace, culture, and history – all in one place – you should make your way down to the cathedral. Tours cathedral is an enormous, towering, gothic, architectural masterpiece that’s a true feast for the eyes. Its two towers stand 100 metres up in the sky and are ornately decorated with etchings, carvings, pillars and stained-glass windows. The interior gets lit up through these gorgeous colourful windows, giving you enough light to wander through the pews and see what treasures you can find – maybe even a renaissance tomb or two. It’s magnificent, truly. Find out more.


It’s another classic destination in any town in France. A botanical garden is the perfect place to relax, to enjoy some beautiful plants, or to find a quirky greenhouse. The jardin botanique in Tours is no exception! Find it between the Loire and Cher rivers in the south side of town and spend the afternoon among the trees or enjoying the huge range of wildlife here (including some very sweet animals). These beautiful grounds are home to an orangery, several waterlily ponds, and winding paths. In the greenhouses you’ll find exotic and tropical plants from all over the world growing up against the glass, and over in the new contemporary garden there’s a nice spot for some meditation, too. And yes, it is as idyllic as it sounds! Read more here.


This museum comes with the added bonus of being in a UNESCO listed former abbey, so you get a double dose of history and culture in the exhibitions and in the actual building of the museum itself! It’s dedicated to trades guilds which makes it one of a kind, offering an exploration of development and trade in France throughout the ages so you can see just how far business and trading has come, and how important “savoir-faire” (know-how) is in trade. You’ll see some exceptional collections of wood, stone, leather and textiles, tools, and even food – the perfect place for those of you curious about history! See more and get tickets on their site.


Looking for something a little more cultured? The Tours museum of fine arts has a brilliant collection of art that spans hundreds of years from the Renaissance to the 20th century and features the works of famous artists like Delacroix, Monet and Debré. The museum and grounds date back to 1801 and also feature a very beautiful garden if you’re looking for a stroll afterwards! See a list of what’s in their collection over on their site.


Tours is in a great position in between a couple of rivers, and it’s a good idea to enjoy them by hopping on a traditional “Toue” boat for an afternoon! These boats are pretty unique to the Loire river and region, and they’re usually hand crafted by local specialists. See the city of Tours and its beautiful surroundings as you float down the river! 

Study in Tours

Study in Tours

Tours is famously a university city, so studying abroad here will no doubt be a great and memorable experience! Being in a city with such a student presence allows you to have various options for studying, some great nightlife, and you’ll get to experience France like a local. Not only will you be able to make friends for life by studying abroad, one of the best parts about spending your time abroad in education is that it gives you plenty of free time to enjoy the city life and socialise (or to get a part-time job with us for that matter…), giving you a rich experience to remember for the rest of your life. 

The University of Tours is a good French university that offers all the classic study options like arts, literature, languages, humanities, sciences, economics and management, and more, over a range of courses, diplomas, doctorates and degrees. It has 300 international Erasmus agreements in place for the international students who study there, who make up around 10% of the student body! Head over to their website to find out more information about courses, courses in English, life in Tours, and exchange programs!

Come & Work With Us!

So, that’s it! There’s a quick summary of our job offer and some information about the fabulous city of Tours for you. If you like what you see, why not apply to work with us today? We offer the perfect part-time job for students in Tours, expats and everyone else in the English-speaking world. We’d love to have you join us. Remember, it will only take you about 10 minutes to apply!