Part Time Jobs in Rennes For English Speakers

Looking for part-time jobs in Rennes? Want to get know the locals? Thinking of things to do in Rennes? Well, it just so happens that we can help you out with all of that, and we’d love to share a bit of Rennes with you. Rennes is the delightful city in north-west France which is the capital of Brittany, the home to around 750,000 people, and home to over 60,000 students. L’Express once named it the most liveable city in France, and we think it’s a pretty nice place to live and work too. 

We’re looking to hire kind, dynamic, creative, and responsible English speakers to join our international team to teach English in Rennes. We hire all year round, we don’t need you to have any French speaking skills, and we don’t need you to have any prior teaching experience – it’s all pretty simple, actually. Working part time in Rennes with Babylangues is a fantastic way to ensure you have support behind you as you settle into life in Rennes – we can help you out with all of the endless French administration trouble that international students and expats might encounter! Plus, we can introduce you to some of the locals, and give you some lovely little benefits, and that bit of extra cash that makes life a bit easier. Interested?

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Job Description: Teach English in Rennes

This part-time teaching job in Rennes is not your traditional language teaching job, so there won’t be hours spent sweating over a grammar book! Since 2008, we’ve been teaching English to children in France with a unique method that mimics the way children learn their native language. It’s all done by getting the children to spend part of daily life in a “bubble” of the English: getting up to all sorts of fun like playing, drawing, doing puzzles, reading, snacking, playing hide and seek in the park, and so-on, learning as they go along. As a language instructor it’s your job to create the fun, stimulating environment needed to learn English in their daily routines in these little “bubbles”!

Here are the key things to note:

  • Work with children: learning and playing together on a regular basis will allow you to form a great bond with the children you work with, making the experience all the more worthwhile.
  • Meet a local French family: forming this bond with a French family will definitely improve your understanding of French language, life, and culture – getting you the most out of your time abroad.
  • Work part-time from 4 to 20 hours per week – we find the best family for you, so it suits your routine and location.
  • Get teaching experience – you’ll be fully trained and gain experience that will serve you proud for the rest of your working lifetime!
  • Have free time for studies, socialising, or exploring the city!
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Salary & Benefits

Ah yes, the juicy part: what do you get out of having this part-time job in Rennes?

  • Competitive pay rates: 12.30 – 21.50€ per hour (these are the best in the industry!)
    • €21.50/hour (before tax) for workshops – qualified teaching sessions – (1h30).
    • €12.30/hour (before tax) for regular after-school sessions
  • A CDI contract (the safest and simplest in France)
  • Discounted annual Vélo Star bike subscription 
  • Contribution towards your monthly travel pass
  • Free mobile phone
  • Free online French classes
  • Free trips away with our referral program
  • Free administrative help from our HR team to help you navigate through life in France


Here’s a quick bullet summary of the people we’re looking for, who should be:

  • Native or native level English speakers
  • Aged 18 or over
  • EU citizen / in possession of a valid visa 
  • Experienced working with children (anything like childcare, tutoring, or sports coaching is great!)
  • Available at least twice a week in out-of-school hours (so from about 4pm on weekdays and/or on Wednesdays and Saturdays – French kids don’t go to school on Wednesdays if you’re wondering why that’s in there!)
  • Staying at least a whole semester / 3-4 months (or longer, of course)
  • Kind, patient, keen, creative and responsible

You don’t need any teaching experience (because you’ll be fully trained!) or prior French speaking skills! We hire people with any level of French, whether beginner or fluent, and it makes no difference to your experience.

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Like what you see? Applying is as easy as A-B-C! All you have to do is fill out our online application form which takes about 10 minutes to do, and that’s it. From there, your application comes through to our gorgeous recruitment team for review, and they’ll be in contact with you soon.

Plus, if you’re not in Rennes yet, it’s not a problem! You can apply now and start working when you get here.

English Speaking Jobs in Rennes, France

Why Work in Rennes?

With quaint old town squares, medieval streets, and all the fun of a vibrant university population, Rennes really has something on offer for everyone. Its idyllic brightly coloured timber frame houses are a sight for sore eyes, and there’s plenty of history and culture to explore in this city. Throughout its history it has had battles of Dukes and independence, great 18th century fires, jousting, knights, crepes, wars, and festivals. It offers so many amazing fairs and markets throughout the year which are perfect for picking up some fresh juicy fruits, local produce, or simply for wandering through the streets to sample a bit of Breton cider and to feel like a true French local. Rennes even has an annual winter music festival to bring song and dance to the cold months, and don’t forget it’s a city where the nightlife is always buzzing and vibrant – perfect for students who want to drink and dance the night away! It’s a marvellous place to live (and a great place for a part time job with us too…) – so, without further ado, let’s take a look at some things to do in Rennes.

Things To Do in Rennes

Explore the Old Town Centre

Sadly, for Rennes, there was a huge fire in 1720 that burned down many of its original buildings, but luckily for you and I there are still quite a few left in the old town centre. In fact, it’s got the most buildings left of this kind in the whole country! So, you’ll be able to see the city’s iconic, unique, half-timbered houses in all of their colourful splendour, and you can enjoy them walking down cobbled streets in the sun. Find some of the best ones around Place Sainte-Anne, enjoy the incredible markets at Place de Lices or find a little café on your way if you need a light refreshment on your travels. Read more about that amazing market at Place de Lices here.

Rennes Cathedral

This enormous, beautiful cathedral for Saint Peter is definitely worth a visit! It was once the main crowning site for the dukes and duchesses of Brittany, giving you a real feel for the city’s history as you wander through the pews. Enter through the doorway in between its huge neoclassical granite towers to head inside and enjoy a stunning interior built over many centuries and finally restored to full beauty in 2014. Stained glass windows, ornate paintings, candle-lit alcoves and an impressive organ fill the space with beauty and light. Delightful.

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Parc du Thabor

Who doesn’t love a beautiful park? Head to Parc du Thabor to get a bit of peace and quiet in nature for the afternoon, perfect for both locals and tourists to relax for an hour or two. With over 20 acres of landscaped gardens to explore and 3000 plant species throughout that green space, you might stumble across a French garden or an English one, a cave or a rose garden, an open-air theatre or a botanical garden. It’s also the city’s hotspot for joggers and runners if you’re keen to get a bit of exercise in! Fountains, trees, flowers galore – it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon in the sun with a book. Check out its opening times and location here.

Musée des Beaux-Arts

If you’re looking for a bit of culture, this museum is the place to be. With a very rich and varied collection of art, it’s actually one of the most important art galleries in France outside of Paris thanks to its many famous pieces and its diverse range of exhibitions. Expect to find treasures from ancient Egypt, stunning Botticelli paintings, and art by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt in a collection that’s been growing for over 250 years. Get tickets over on their site.


Rennes has spent decades with a reputation as a music loving town; in the 1980s the French widely considered it a city of rock and new-wave music. Its musical roots are ever-present in its festivals! Every December, Rennes hosts the Trans Musicales Festival with artists from all over the world to light up the cold winter days and nights. The city also proudly hosts the Tombées de la Nuit festival and puts on quite a spectacle with theatre, music, dance and joy for all every year since 1980. Be sure to keep your eyes open for events, fairs and festivals happening in Rennes while you’re there!

Study in Rennes

Studying abroad in Rennes is a great experience, given that the city has a vibrant and diverse student population. You’ll have brilliant options for studying, some great nightlife, and you’ll get to experience France like a local. Not only will you be able to make friends for life by studying abroad, one of the best parts about spending your time abroad in education is that it gives you plenty of free time to enjoy the city life and socialise (or to get a part-time job with us for that matter…), giving you a rich experience to remember for the rest of your life. 

The University of Rennes is one of the 12 main universities in France and it’s renowned for excellent quality of education and research. It’s located right in the heart of the city and specialises in maths and sciences – but it’s got a place for the lovely humanities students of the world too. With a range of programs, courses, options, and thousands of international students, it could be a great place for you to study abroad!


So, that’s it! That’s a bit about Rennes for you. If you like what you see, why not apply to work with us today? We offer the perfect part-time job for students in Rennes, expats and everyone else in the English-speaking world. We’d love to have you join us.

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