Part Time Jobs in Poitiers For English Speakers

Ever thought about living in Poitiers? Getting a part-time job in Poitiers? Learning about French life and culture?
We’d love to share our job offer and the city with you.

We’re looking to hire dynamic, creative, and responsible English speakers to join our brilliant international team to teach English in Poitiers. We hire all year round, we don’t need you to have any French speaking skills, and we don’t need you to have any prior teaching experience. It’s simple!

Poitiers is one of France’s less famous cities – the names of Paris and Marseille may be renowned, but Poitiers brings its own sweet, historic charm to the map of France. It’s in the west of the country and has often been a popular place for travellers heading to Bordeaux. We’re here to tell you that Poitiers doesn’t need to be a pit stop: it can be its own gorgeous destination, too, and a great place to work.

And our favourite bit about Poitiers (even though we’re a bit biased), is, of course, that it’s one of the 18 cities in France that we work in! We’ve been offering part time jobs for English speakers in Poitiers for many years, and you could be part of our team, too. Working part time with Babylangues is a fantastic way to ensure you have support and a community behind you for your move to Poitiers. Plus, it gives you great benefits and that bit of extra cash that makes life a bit easier.

Who are we? We’re a company that teaches English to French children in their daily routines. We think it’s important to make learning a language as natural as possible through play, song, dance, art, and spending time in the language– what’s a better way to learn than the way you learn your mother tongue? 

Curious? Want to be part of the experience? Let’s look at the job in more detail.

English Speaking Jobs in Paris France

Job Description & Requirements: Teach English in Poitiers

Here’s a little bit of information about what the job looks like:

  • Work with children: it’s your job to guide children through language learning in their daily routines after school – you’ll be playing at the park, doing puzzles, dance routines, drawing, singing, snacking, you name it! And you’ll form a great bond with them at the same time.
  • Meet a local French family: forming this bond with a French family will definitely improve your understanding of French language, life, and culture – getting you the most out of your time abroad.
  • Work part-time from 4 to 20 hours per week – we find the best family for you, so it suits your routine and location.
  • Get teaching experience – you’ll be fully trained and gain experience that will serve you proud for the rest of your working lifetime!
  • Have free time for studies, socialising, or exploring the city!

Here’s a list of our requirements and what we’re looking for from our applicants:

  • Be a native English speaker or have native-level proficiency.
  • Have some work experience with young children – this could be anything from tutoring to childcare to coaching a sports team.
  • Be available on at least two weekdays from 4pm, and/or on Wednesdays or Saturdays (i.e. you’ve got to be free at a time when the kids aren’t at school!)
  • Be aged at least 18 years old.
  • Be an EU citizen or have a valid visa.
  • Be kind, keen, responsible and creative – art and music skills are always a great bonus to have!
  • Remember: you don’t need any teaching experience or French speaking skills!
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Salary, Benefits, & Free French Lessons!

  • We offer the best salary in the industry with the safest contract in France
    • €16.50 net/hour (€21.50 before tax) for advanced teaching workshops.
    • €10 net/hour (€12.30 before tax) for the regular after-school sessions.
    • A safe and flexible CDI contract
  • Contribution to your monthly travel pass to help you get around 
  • Discounted bike rental subscription
  • Free mobile phone
  • Free online French lessons to help you improve your French
  • Free trips away with our referral program
  • The opportunity to join an international community of instructors all over France
  • Advice for settling into life in France – our HR team can help out with all the tricky administrative things, like giving advice on accommodation and banking.

Learn With Us! No French Or Teaching Experience Needed

Like we said, you don’t need to speak any French! Whether you’re a total beginner or fluent in French, it makes no difference to the job or your experience. Plus, if you’re looking to learn French, we can help you out with that too! The job itself is a great way to pick up French and we offer all our instructors free online French lessons to help out with your language learning.

And the same idea goes for teaching experience – we don’t need you to have any! You’ll be fully trained up by us to be able to teach our method, you’ll receive all the key materials that go with it, as well as regular lesson plans so you always know what to do in your sessions.

Apply Now!

Like what you see? Here’s how you can apply:

Simply fill out our application form and tell us a little bit about yourself. It takes 10 minutes, and then it’s right in the hands of our dedicated recruitment team. Not in France yet? You can still apply! We hire all year round and you can start when you arrive.

Why Work in Poitiers?

Like we said, this town which was historically a famous place for travellers to rest has so much to offer as a destination, a place to live, and a place to work!  The chaos of big city life seems distant in Poitiers, which is more of a laid-back city full of history and culture. Plus, with a population of only around 90,000, you get all the perks of being in a well-connected city as well as that feeling of being one of the locals. But it’s not all just quiet and calm – Poitiers is very famously a university town (home to Descartes as a student, as well as Francis Bacon!) and it has a pretty big student scene and vibrant nightlife, so there’s a lot to enjoy in this city in the west. Let’s have a look at some things to do in Poitiers.

Things To Do in Poitiers

Église Notre-Dame de la Grande

There’s nothing like having a look at a great big church to get a feel for the atmosphere of the city, and this Poitiers church is no exception. This gorgeous Romanesque Roman Catholic Cathedral dates back to medieval times and is full of stunning décor to explore, from the bell tower to the frescoes inside. Statues of the Madonna, patterned columns, candles and pews – it’s full of beauty, peace, history and tradition, and it’s definitely worth a visit. Get the address and find out more.

English Speaking Jobs in Poitiers, France

Jardin des Plantes

A botanical garden and park is always a good idea. This one in Poitiers is fairly little, being only 1.5 hectares, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in sheer loveliness (and in the fact that it is open every day and entry is free!). It has been modelled on the beauty of ornate English garden design and has been growing in its spot for over a hundred years since 1869. Wander along the winding paths to discover grottos, ponds, waterfalls and the always amazing tropical greenhouse to find orchids and cacti galore. Check out its opening times.


As a student city, Poitiers has some fantastic options if you want to paint the town red or just get a bit tipsy after midnight. With a decent handful of venues, there’s something on offer for all varieties of night owl, and you’ll be sure to bump into a decent crowd of buzzing 20-somethings on the dancefloor. Fans of dance music should be sure to check out the electronic scene at The Room Club, a student favourite, or enjoy rock, groove and techno at La Grand Goule, a club where the party spills out over three different floors. For something a little more relaxed, why not enjoy cabaret and French wine at Le Pince Oreille, or head to Le Palais de la Bière to sample their extensive collection of tap and bottle beers to drink into the night.

Old Town

Charming old city centres are France’s speciality, and Poitiers’ old town is very worthy of your time and perfect for a bit of a wander around (or to flâner as the French would say). Start in the little back streets near the Place Charles de Gaulle and work your way around from there. On your travels you should bump into the Notre Dame church that we recommended earlier, the Hôtel de Ville (which is the city hall), the courthouse, a former convent, and, of course, some adorable boutiques, shops and cafés – all tucked away in architecturally beautiful buildings.

Museum Sainte-Croix

Want to do a bit of learning? See a bit of history in Poitiers? This museum is a great place to spend an afternoon. It’s a 70s build founded on the site of the Sainte Croix Abbey and is now home to some stunning art by several artists, including the likes of the one and only Rodin. You can enjoy some ancient sculptures or head down to the archaeology exhibitions in the basement where you’ll find some amazing buried treasure from Poitiers dating all the way back to prehistoric times. Plenty to see, plenty to learn! See what they have on.

Study in Poitiers

Ever thought about studying abroad in Poitiers? Living life as a local student and learning something incredible? We thought you might want to consider studying in Poitiers. As we’ve said, Poitiers is famously a university town, so if you’re a student, you’ll fit right in. Take a look at a handful of study options that this city has to offer. 

Find a job in Poitiers

University of Poitiers

This prestigious university dates all the way back to 1431, and consequently it’s famously a member of the exclusive Coimbra Group, being one of the oldest universities in Europe. It offers courses in a wide range of subjects from medicine to sciences to arts to humanities. Plus, their courses are at various levels from diplomas to doctorates, so there’s loads available for prospective students. The thousands of students at this university are what makes the city of Poitiers so young and vibrant, so why not join the club? Read more about becoming an international or exchange student on their site.

ESCEM School of Business and Management

In France, where there’s a city, there’s a business school to go with it – this is absolutely the case in Poitiers. The ESCEM School of Management is a French Grande Ecole of Business and Management in Poitiers, and it’s part of a group of such schools in western France with campuses in Orléans and Tours as well. What’s interesting about the Poitiers campus is that it offers courses and programmes entirely in English, welcoming international students with open arms. It prides itself on excellence in innovation, entrepreneurship and being responsible in business, pushing students to achieve their best in their diplomas, bachelor’s, or master’s degrees. Read more about their international exchanges here.

Centre de FLE Language Courses 

Want to spend your time abroad learning a language? We think that’s a pretty good idea, and so does the FLE Centre in Poitiers. It’s part of the wider University of Poitiers and it offers full time French language courses for either a semester or a whole academic year, open to all foreign people. You’ll learn about French life and culture right in the heart of Poitiers. Read more about it here.

Come & Work With Us!

So, that’s Poitiers! If you like what you see on this page, why not apply to get a part time job with us today? It’s perfect for students in Poitiers, expats in Poitiers, and everyone else in the English-speaking world who’s in the area. We’d love to have you join our team – so go ahead and apply!

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Remember, all it takes is about 10 minutes of your day to apply online! Sending us your application to tell us a bit about you might be the beginning of a great experience in Poitiers. What’s stopping you?