Part Time Jobs in Nice For English Speakers

Ever thought about enjoying life in the French Riviera with a part-time job in Nice? Want to get to know the locals and improve your French? 

We offer part-time jobs in Nice all year round! We’ve been teaching English in Nice to French children since 2008, and working with us will give you the chance to get a bit of extra income and to have a community by your side as you settle into life under the sun on the Côte d’Azur. Plus, you don’t need any prior teaching experience, and you don’t need to be able to speak French!

So, what exactly does this job look like? Well, it’s not just any old traditional teaching position – there won’t be any grammar exercises in sight! Our unique method works by creating a “bubble of English” for the children at home as part of their daily routine, so that as they play, do puzzles, draw, have fun, and learn together with their instructors, the children begin to pick up English as they would their native language. 

This method really works, too! It’s based on the science behind language learning and has been praised over the years by many great linguists and famous media outlets such as NPR, Canal+, and the BBC.

So, want to know more about this part-time job in Nice?

Part-Time Jobs for English Speakers in France

Job Description & Requirements: Teach English in Nice

Here’s the essential information about what the job looks like:

And here are our requirements for all budding applicants:

  • Be a native English speaker or have native-level fluency (we need that for our method to work best!)
  • Be aged 18 or over and be an EU citizen / have a valid visa
  • Have some experience working with children (things like tutoring, childcare, or working at summer camps are all great!)
  • Be available at least twice a week in the after-school period from around 4pm onwards on weekdays, and/or on Wednesdays or Saturdays
  • Be staying for at least a whole semester or 3 to 4 months (the kids will get attached!)
  • Be kind, creative, keen and responsible!
  • Remember, you don’t need to have any prior teaching experience or French skills!

No French Or Teaching Experience Needed – Learn With Us!

As we said, you don’t need to speak any French for this part-time job! We hire people with any level of French skills, whether they’re a total beginner or have been fluent for years, and it makes no difference to the job or your experience. Plus, we offer all our instructors free online French lessons to help out with your language learning while you work abroad in Nice.

The same applies for teaching experience – we don’t need you to have any, because you’ll be fully trained, receive materials and lesson plans so you’ll always know what to do in your sessions – we’ve got it all covered!

Find an English Speaking Job in France

Salary & Benefits

So what do you get?

  • The best pay rate in the industry: 12.81€ – 20.90€/hour NET (including holiday pay and after tax) with a CDI contract (which is the safest and easiest one you can get in France)
  • Discounted Vélo bleu subscription (bike service for getting around the city on wheels!)
  • Contribution towards your monthly travel pass
  • Free mobile phone 
  • Free online French classes
  • Free trips away with our referral program
  • Being part of a diverse community of instructors and local French family life – immerse yourself in French life and culture!
  • A dedicated HR team to help you out with any admin problems you might encounter 

Apply Today!

Fill out our online application today! It takes 10 minutes to tell us a bit about yourself and then your application will go right through to our lovely recruitment team. 

Not in France yet? Not a problem! You can apply if you’re planning on coming later on – after a successful application you can just start working when you get here! It’s perfect for incoming Erasmus students planning their stay for the next semester, or for expats and travellers whose grand plans start later on.

Why Work in Nice?

Nice is creative and dynamic, cosmopolitan and young – it’s a totally bubbling city full of loads of innovative developments, making it worthy of being one of Europe’s greatest capitals. Alongside its amazing culture, it has a fascinating history too – throughout the ages, the city changed hands multiple times. It was once the location of an independent Roman city whose thermal baths, roads and foundations can still be seen today. For years, it was an Italian dominion and only became part of France in 1860. Today, Nice is the second-most visited place in France after Paris. So, there’s a lot going on!

It’s got the culture, the glamour, the sun, and the sea. Nice really is nice (haha) (sorry). So, we’ve put together a little list of things to do in Nice for all you budding travellers.

Things To Do in Nice

Promenade des Anglais 

Now this is one famous bit of seafront! This coastal walkway might even be the most famous in France, and it stretches along the seashore for a whopping 7km. And where does its name come from? Well, quite simply, this paved paradise was paid for by English expats in the early 19th century (clearly Nice has always been beloved by tourists the world over). With lush green palms, regal palaces, and the blue Mediterranean by your side, it’s the perfect place for a run, cycle, or even roller blade – and you can rent all sorts of these things in little booths along the promenade, so no worries if you left your skates at home!

Old Town

With a maze of narrow alleys and cobbled streets, the Old Town, or vieille ville, has a lively ambience which makes it feel that little bit Italian – which makes sense, really, given that it belonged to Italy for such a long time! At the southern end of the Old Town, grocers bring their fresh products to market and their colourful flower stalls light up the street every morning, so getting up a little bit earlier to explore it will definitely be worth your time!

Nice Jazz Festival

It comes as a surprise to many, but it is in Nice, not America, that the first jazz festival in the world was born – it took place for the first time in February 1948. Over the years, many artists, such as Lionel Hampton, Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Helen Humes, Herbie Hancock, and Miles Davis have regularly appeared at the Nice Jazz Festival. This music celebration offers an eclectic mix of traditional and modern sounds with an international line-up and remains one of the Riviera’s biggest annual events. Read all about it on their site.

Parc de la Colline du Château

This marvellous park lies in the east of Nice, and it’s probably the best place in the city to find some jaw-dropping viewpoints looking out over the city and out to sea. With bustling undergrowth, shrubs, trees, a whole host of greenery and even a waterfall, it’s the perfect place to explore on a sunny day. But it even retains its beauty in the evening hours, with some impressive lighting all over the park. You can get right up to the top of the park through the Old Town (if you can make the hike in the heat!) or take the lift.

Musée Matisse

This museum is entirely dedicated to the life and works of Henri Matisse, so if you’re a fan of the impressionist and his paintings, this place is not to be missed – it’s one of the world’s biggest collections of his work. It’s inside a grand 17th century villa, Villa des Arènes, in the Cimiez district, and you can check out their site here.


Eating and fine dining definitely counts as an activity, especially in Nice. Nice is every foodie’s paradise – it’s a blend of French and Italian with seafood to die for, fresh from the Mediterranean. Nice is the home of ratatouille! That famous, wonderful blend of layered Mediterranean vegetables tastes even better in its homeland. Then, of course, there’s the salade niçoise which we all know and love – the salty anchovies, the hearty olive oil, the eggs, and the olives all taste better in that coastal sun under which it was born. Another slightly lesser known speciality is a woodfired flatbread called “socca”, which is light and lovely and made of chickpea flour (making it full of protein and gluten free). And if you’re in the mood for something bready, try a pan bagnat – you’ll be able to find it everywhere! It’s a hearty sandwich made up of tuna, hard-boiled eggs, veggies and olive oil. But the list goes on – there are so many delicacies in Nice to try, so read about a lot more of them here.

Study in Nice

Being an Erasmus student abroad, or just any international student, is an incredible experience that we encourage everyone to try. Moving abroad to study comes with loads of advantages, because not only will you be welcomed into an institution locally, you’ll have free time to enjoy life too! At Babylangues, we’ve been welcoming students to work part-time in Nice with us since 2008 – and remember that you define your schedule around your classes and how much free time you want to have to enjoy Nice in all its beauty. It’s the perfect combo.

So, here’s a quick summary for you of the three main places to study in Nice for people thinking about studying abroad.

Université Côte d’Azur

This is a relatively new higher education institution which offers a range of subjects to its students. It was created as a cluster of higher education establishments to unite such places, people, and research facilities on the Côte d’Azur. And it’s doing very well, too! As a winner of the French IDEX award, it’s one of the top universities in France. With many thousands of students of which 20% are international, it’s a great place to study abroad. Read more about what you can study on their site.

University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

This well renowned university is linked to the Université Côte d’Azur and is ranked among the world’s top 3% of universities according to the Shanghai Ranking, and specialises in scientific and academic research. With more than 275 courses over all the main educational areas (arts, humanities, sciences, law and economics, and sports), there will definitely be something here for you. Plus, it is proud to welcome thousands of foreign students every year from over a hundred countries. Find out more about becoming an international student there on this page.

IAE Nice

This business school is also part of the wider collective Université Côte d’Azur, but deserves a special mention for specifically being a business school. With a host of business savvy professors, lecturers and researchers, it’s a great place to learn the ropes of the business world and to find a training course that’ll suit you to launch a career. Find out more here.

Come & Work With Us!

So that’s it! There’s all the basic information you need to know about working, living, and studying in Nice.

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Apply to work part time with us in Nice today. Remember, all it takes is a few minutes to fill out our online application here – it could be the first step towards a great adventure in Nice!