Part Time Jobs in Nantes For English Speakers

So, are you looking for a part-time job in Nantes? 

Great! Are you interested in working with children? Getting to know a French family? Learning about what Nantes has to offer? 

You’ve come to the right place – we hire English speakers in Nantes all year round, and you could be one of them.

Who are we exactly? We are Babylangues – a company who teaches English to French children, between the ages of 3 and 12. This all happens in their home environment, making language learning a simple, fun, and natural part of their daily routines! Our instructors speak to the children entirely in English, spending time after school learning and playing together. 

We’re looking for native speakers to join our lovely team in Nantes. Working part-time with us gives you the chance to enjoy the city and its surroundings in your free time, and you can find out some great ways to enjoy or study in Nantes on this page, too.

We offer some great benefits, rewards, and help for you settling into your new life if you decide to come and work abroad in France.

Want to know more? This page has everything you need to know. So, go on! Read away…

Part-Time Jobs for English Speakers in France

Job Description & Requirements

Here’s a list of our requirements and what we’re looking for from our applicants:

  • Be a native English speaker or have native-level proficiency.
  • Have some work experience with young children – this could be anything from tutoring to childcare to coaching a sports team.
  • Be available on at least two weekdays from 4pm, and/or on Wednesdays or Saturdays (i.e. you’ve got to be free at a time when the kids aren’t at school!)
  • Be aged at least 18 years old.
  • Be an EU citizen or have a valid visa.
  • Be kind, keen, responsible and creative – art and music skills are always a great bonus to have!

Here’s a little bit of information about what the job looks like:

  • Work with children: make teaching English a part of a child’s routine and meet a local French family in the process. Forming this bond with a French family will definitely improve your understanding of French language, life and culture – getting you the most out of your time abroad.
  • Work part-time from 5 to 25 hours per week – we find the best family for you, so it suits your routine and location!

Here’s what you can get from us:

  • An English-speaking part-time job – you don’t need to speak any French (but if you’re an amazing French speaker already, that can that can be really helpful too) 
  • Full training, teaching materials and lesson plans – no previous teaching experience is needed at all, and you’ll feel prepared for every lesson!
  • The chance to join an international community – meet other English speakers in Nantes who are part of the Babylangues community, as well becoming part of our network of instructors all over France.
  • Perks and benefits from our referral program (including free trips away in Europe!)
  • A French part-time open-ended contract (CDI).
  • Help with all of the confusing admin that can come your way when settling into life in France – we can help out with those things, like giving advice on accommodation and banking.

Here’s What Our Salary & Benefits Look Like:

  • We offer the best salary in the industry!
    • €21.50 (before tax) for advanced teaching workshops.
    • €12.30 (before tax) for the regular after-school sessions.
  • Discounted Bicloo bike rental subscription.
  • Partial reimbursement of your monthly travel pass to help you get around Nantes easily!
  • Free mobile phone.
  • Free online French lessons to help you improve your French
  • (And don’t forget our great referral program…!)


Here’s how to apply:

It’s super easy to apply online today. All you have to do is take 10 minutes to fill out our application form! Here’s the link:


Why Work in Nantes?

Nantes is an absolutely fabulous city, full of some amazing hidden gems – there’s plenty to discover! And when working a part time job in Nantes, you’ll have the free time you need to enjoy this city and everything it has to offer.

It’s the capital of the Loire region in the west of France, and it has the lovely advantage of being only 30 miles from the Atlantic (if you ever fancy a trip to the beach). And if you’re not up for heading all the way out to sea, you can enjoy the rivers in the city! Nantes is on the delta of the the Loire, the Erdre, and the Sèvre rivers, and has been nicknamed the “Venice of the West” because of all these gorgeous rivers flowing through the city. It really is as idyllic as it sounds. The city is made up of buildings both old and new, parks and gardens, and, of course, some cool art galleries, installations and museums! Told you there was loads going on…

And it gets even better – you don’t have to feel aimless when you arrive, because we’ve put together a little selection of things to do in Nantes that we thought you might like. 

Things To Do in Nantes

Les Machines de l’Île

This amusement park is whimsical. Really whimsical. It’s full of animatronic animals and creatures, and the biggest and most famous amongst them is a massive motorised elephant that can carry an impressive 52 passengers. The concept behind it was to merge together some of the fantastical writings of Jules Verne and the gadget designs of Leonardo da Vinci. You can look at the sculptures and their designs, or you can ride around a carousel with some robot marine animals, or you can do both. Whimsical. Want to book online? Head over to their site.

Explore Madeleine Champ de Mars

This is the area which is famous for Le Lieu Unique, which was built on a former biscuit factory, and you can also find the city Congress Hall as well as the site of the siege of Nantes Métropole here, so there’s a lot to see. Anyway, what were we saying about biscuits? The famous Petit Beurre biscuits which are amazingly popular in France were created by LU (Lefèvre-Utile) in 1888 at this very biscuit factory. And it’s a good job they did, too, since you won’t find a single French child who does not eat these biscuits.

But, like we said, it was a former biscuit factory, and since the end of those biscuit days this area has seen some great change and development. Nowadays, this area is a feat of contemporary architecture, and has become a cool, attractive area of Nantes for young people and families. It’s great for a wander around.

Château des Ducs de Bretagne

A list of things to do in Nantes would not be complete without this. It’s one of the main tourist attractions in Nantes, and for good reason. This huge fortress is right in the heart of the city, in the old town. What was once the Dukes’ castle, over time it became a bunker in the occupation in World War 2 and is now purely a feast for the eyes of many tourists. You can also visit the Nantes History Museum which finds itself inside the château, as well as walk along the path at the top of the ramparts, giving a stunning view over not only the whole castle, but the entirety of Nantes as well. You can find out more at the official site here.

Nantes Cathedral

Can you really explore a city without taking a look at its cathedral? Nantes Cathedral is a lovely gothic work of design, which took over 400 years to build and finish. The very first stone was laid in 1434 in the middle of the 15th century, which was a very financially prosperous time for Nantes and Brittany (which it used to be in, before Loire!), and this first stone was laid by John V, who was the Duke of Brittany at the time. Other fun facts about this cathedral include the scandalous arrest of Nicholas Fouquet in 1661, on the order of Louis XIV, as well as what you can find in the impressive inside of the cathedral – it’s definitely worth having a look at the crypt and the tomb of Francis II which is considered a renaissance masterpiece.

Passage Pommeraye

Ah yes, another marvellous French arcade. They really do shopping arcades well in France, you know. This one dates back to 1843, so its aisles and corridors are full of nearly 200 years of history. It’s full of cute little boutiques and shops for you to do a bit of the old “lèche-vitrine” (which is window shopping for us English speakers). But it’s more than a shopping experience, it’s an impressive work of architecture – there’s a nine metre height difference between the two streets it connects, Rue de la Fosse and Rue Santeuil, so there’s a great big stairway floor running through the whole thing. The glass ceiling allows it to be flooded with light every day, so you can see its ornate sculpture and ironwork in all the glittery detail that it deserves.

Le passage Pommeraye

Eat, drink, and be merry

As is the case with any city in France, you have to eat. Eat everything. Nantes is, of course, only a short distance away from the Atlantic coast, and so is a seafood haven. Find yourself some mussels, a lobster banquet, or a platter of fresh oysters. And we advise you sip away at a Muscadet wine while you’re at it, since it’s the regional favourite, and perhaps a little bite of Curé Nantais cheese with some fresh grapes to finish the whole thing off. 

Nantes Fine Arts Museum

This freshly renovated museum is just a stone’s throw away from the cathedral, so you could plan a visit to them both in one afternoon if you felt like it – and everywhere in Nantes is essentially only walking distance. This museum and gallery is home to some beautiful classic and contemporary art for you to enjoy which comes in all shapes and sizes, from paintings to sculptures to installations and videos.

Jardin des Plantes

And while you’re in the area, why not stop by the Jardin des Plantes? Once again, it’s not far at all from the arts museum or the cathedral, so it’s definitely worth stopping by if you’re close, and it’s only short walk away from the château des Ducs de Bretagne. Nantes really isn’t a sprawling metropolis. But it’s super useful to have so much packed into one little city! Anyway, back to this jardin. The Jardin des Plantes has just over 17 acres of greenery to enjoy, and there are over 10,000 different species of wildlife in those lush 17 acres. Wander round garden alleys and walkways, past fountains and ancient magnolia trees, until you stumble across the Palm House, which is basically a massive greenhouse. This glass house from the end of the 1800s houses a selection of tropical and exotic plants from all over the world!

Study in Nantes

Planning to spend some of your time as an Erasmus student in France in the fine city of Nantes? What a great idea! Here’s a little bit of information about 3 options available for you to study in Nantes.

University of Nantes

With over 40,000 students and over 4000 students being international ones, there’s a huge body of students to make you feel welcome. The university is divided up into four main campuses along the Erdre river. It offers all the usual courses you’d expect a well-respected and well ranking university to offer, humanities and sciences and everything in between, and has some 50 sports available for you to get involved in while you’re there too. To find out more and to see what courses might be available for you, check out their site.

Audencia Nantes Business School

This is one of the top business schools in not only France, but Europe! It is part of the exclusive 1% of business educational institutions across the globe which are accredited by the Associations of MBAs. With nearly 5,000 students in its body from over 80 countries, it has loads on offer from the humble bachelors, to masters, MBAs, doctorates and more. Read more about them on their site.

Nantes Atlantic School of Design

For the more creative amongst you, this is the private art and design school of the city. With a diverse and innovative student body, you could be part of the oh-so-cool art community in Nantes, and luckily for all you international folk, it has an exchange program, too. Find out more about this private school here.

Want to see the rest of the study opportunities in Nantes? Check out all 7 of them and their rankings on this page.


Remember, you can live or study in Nantes and work with us part-time! If you’d like to apply, please head over to our apply page here: