Part Time Jobs in Montpellier 

Are you an English speaker in Montpellier? Looking for a part-time job?

Fantastic! Come and work with us on the sunny south coast. We offer part-time teaching jobs in Montpellier in the homes of French families, and you don’t need to have any prior teaching experience or French speaking skills to work with us! If you enjoy working with children, this is definitely an offer for you. 

Our teaching method is unique, as we teach children by making speaking English a part of their daily routine, and all this educational magic happens in their home or local environment. Our instructors tend to spend time (in English, of course!) with the children by collecting them from school, going to the park, playing with them, reading stories, drawing, doing puzzles, and so on – all this allows them to pick up English in a natural way, away from traditional textbooks and the school environment!

Who are we? We are Babylangues, France’s original, leading specialist in early language learning, and we’re proud that our unique method has been backed up by scientific research, endorsed by linguists, and has received much press coverage! We’ve been operating since 2008, having been trusted by thousands of French families and international instructors for more than a decade. 

Why not come and join us in Montpellier?

English Speaking Jobs in Paris France

Teach English in Montpellier: Job Description & Requirements

Here’s what the job as a Babylangues instructor involves:

  • Working with children – you’ll share language and culture between you, and form a great relationship with the family
  • Getting a great insight into French life – by getting to know a French family, you’ll get to see the French way of life first-hand, giving you a better understanding of the language and culture
  • Working parttime – you can work from 4 to 20 hours a week, and we’ll build your schedule around you!
  • Being trained and gaining teaching experience – we’ll fully train you up with our unique method, and you’ll get some great teaching experience along the way which will be useful for the rest of your working life!

Here’s a quick list of our key requirements – we’re looking for people who are:

  • Native English speakers or people who have native-level fluency 
  • Aged 18 or over 
  • EU citizens / in possession of a valid visa
  • Experienced working with children (things like tutoring, childcare, or working at summer camps are all great!)
  • Available at least twice a week in the after-school period from around 4pm onwards on weekdays, and/or on Wednesdays or Saturdays
  • Staying for at least a whole semester or 3 to 4 months
  • Kind, creative, keen and responsible!
  • Remember, you don’t need to have any prior teaching experience or French skills!
Part-Time Jobs for English Speakers in France

Learn With Us! No French Or Teaching Experience Needed

Like we said, you don’t need to speak any French for this part-time job! Whether you’re a total beginner or fluent in French, it makes no difference to the job or your experience – in fact, being at either end of the scale comes with its own advantages. And guess what? If you’re looking to learn French, we can help you out with that too! The job itself is a great way to pick up French and we offer all our instructors free online French lessons to help out with your language learning while you work abroad in Montpellier.

And the same idea goes for teaching experience – we don’t need you to have any! You’ll be fully trained up by us to be able to teach our method, you’ll receive all the key materials that go with it, as well as regular lesson plans so you always know what to do in your sessions – it’s all covered!

Salary & Benefits

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Hourly rate of 10€ – 16,50€ NET, which includes holiday pay and is after tax – these are the best pay rates in the industry!
  • CDI contract
  • Discounted Vélomagg’ bike service subscription 
  • Contribution towards your monthly travel pass
  • Free mobile phone 
  • Free online French classes
  • Free trips away with our referral program
  • A dedicated HR team to help you out

So, go on! Apply today.

Simply apply online today by filling out our application form. It won’t even take 10 minutes! Here’s the link:

Why Work in Montpellier?

Montpellier is a fabulous little city situated midway between Spain and Italy, and it’s one of the cities most loved by the French (for good reason). From little streets to sunny squares, international festivals and a buzzing community, Montpellier has so much to offer. And if you’re interested in studying in Montpellier as well, you’re in luck! Education has played a huge role in the history of the city, given that the University of Montpellier is 800 years old, making it one of the oldest in the world. But we’ll talk more about studying later – for now, what’s going on in Montpellier?

Things To Do in Montpellier

Place de la Comédie

Place de la Comédie is the centre of Montpellier, and it’s also adorably nicknamed l’oeuf (the egg) because of its oval shape. And it really is an adorable place, full of street artists and locals taking a pause café or sitting with a baguette for a light lunch. The grand building at one end of the square is the city’s opera house, and there are many quaint little cafés dotted all along the sides. 

St. Pierre Cathedral

This is probably Montpellier’s most important Gothic building, which is right in the middle of the old town. This beautiful church is an absolute feast for the eyes – from amazing glass windows to a stunning wood and gold organ to a spectacular altar. It’s also very old, having been founded in 1364 – so it’s a building with a whole lot of history in it.

Les Halles Castellane

This is the city’s covered market, and it’s simply a bustling corner of the city full of local produce and delicacies – wine, cheese, seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, and it’s open every day of the week so you can’t miss it. Plus, it’s in an area of the city which has loads of little cafés and restaurants, so you can even have a lunch before you head into the market – because everyone knows that shopping when you’re hungry is a dangerous game to play. Get the details for its opening times here.

Château de Flaugergues

This impressive stately home was the summer residence of some very wealthy aristocrats over 300 years ago, and now you can go and explore it yourself. With ornate gardens and a massive vineyard (where you can do a bit of wine tasting too), you’ll be spoilt for choice in what natural beauties you might be able to find, but the inside is also fantastic. With the walls lined with old paintings and tapestries, and rooms full of four poster beds and lush chaise longues, it’s a great place for an afternoon out. Check out their site.

Pic Saint Loup

Are any of you keen hikers and climbers? Just over 12 miles north of Montpellier lies this craggy 2000ft tall mountain that you can climb with a 3 and a half mile trail on the south side – but for the semi-professional climbers amongst you, you can also scale the north face of the mountain with the help of a local guide. And the view of the surroundings is totally worth the trek – get a view of miles and miles of vineyards and wildflower fields, and when your feet are firmly back on the ground you can explore local caves and wineries.

Head to the beach!

The coast is literally only 20 minutes away from Montpellier, so you have no excuse not to go and catch the sun. Pack up your beach towel, some sunscreen, your coolest pair of shades and your swimsuit to enjoy the sun, sea and sand of the Mediterranean. The closest beach is in Palavas-les-Flots, but if you want something a little more magical, try the white sands of La Grande Motte where you can enjoy the scenery or get up to some fun water sports.

Study in Montpellier

Studying abroad is a fantastic experience, and Montpellier is a great city to be a student. Of the city’s almost 600,000 residents, almost 200,000 of them are students – so you’ll be in good company. With music and dance festivals in the summer, 300 days of sun a year, the close seaside and the bubbly, cool vibe of this popular city, it’s a great place to be a student. And, of course, being a student gives you the gift of free time! Time to explore the city, to spend time with your friends, or even to get in a little part time job with us if you’re looking for that little bit of extra cash. But don’t worry! It’s not like a part-time job will take up all your free time – you can work as little as 4 hours a week, and the schedule will be built around you, so you’ll still have all the free time you need for long afternoons lounging at the beach.

So, here are some places to study in Montpellier, and the links you need to go and find out more about them!

University of Montpellier

This is one of the oldest universities in the whole world! It was created in the year 1289, making it older than the entire Aztec empire. So, it’s really old, guys. It also has the oldest medical school and faculty in the entire world which is still alive and thriving today. It’s the 6th largest university in the country and it ranks very well internationally, being the “most innovative French university” according to Reuter’s 2018 ranking. And with about 7,000 international students in the student body, you’ll fit right in. Read about them on their site.

Montpellier Business School

This is a great option for the business minded students of this world. It was founded over a hundred years ago in 1897 by the Montpellier Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and they pride themselves on academic quality and the upholding of their core values: “ethics, openness and diversity, global responsibility and performance”. With over 1000 international students a year and an English pathway offered for every course, this might be the place for you. Find out more about being an international student with them here.

Montpellier Art School

Feeling creative? Wanted to study art since you were a kid? Try an art school abroad! The Montpellier Art School is fairly up and coming, but with 6 times the amount of applications last year than there are places, it’s growing exponentially in popularity. Its diverse curriculum is taught by a core staff body of 22 artists, with the help of a host of guest lecturers. It’s a modern, dynamic, lively place to study, and you can read all about it on their site.

Come and work with us!

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