English-speaking Jobs in Marseille, France

Looking for a part time English-speaking job in Marseille, France?
We’ve been offering jobs for English speakers in Marseille since 2008! If you enjoy working with children and you’d like to experience French culture, joining Babylangues could be the start of an amazing adventure in this fabulous city in the south of France.

So, what exactly are we offering?
We teach English to children, making language learning a fun part of their daily routine, in order to make the learning process as natural as possible. As a Babylangues Instructor, it’s your job to speak English to the children while playing, learning, singing and drawing together! Plus, we offer full training, lesson plans, and a host of brilliant perks and benefits for you as well – working with us could not be easier!

Interested? Here’s a quick summary of what’s on offer.

Teach English in Marseille, France: Job Description

  • Flexible hours: work part time from 5 hours a week up to 25, depending on your schedule and how much you want to work!
  • Opportunity to get to know a French family and see French life and culture first-hand.
  • Learn how to teach and gain some great experience.
  • Join a diverse community of international instructors.

What Are The Requirements For Our English-speaking Jobs in Marseille, France?

  • Native or native level fluency in English (we need that for the teaching method to work best!).
  • Be available at least two days a week in the after-school period from after 4pm, or on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays.
  • Some experience working with young children, such as tutoring or childcare.
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid visa or be an EU citizen with the right to work
  • Responsible, keen and creative!

Full Training & Lesson Plans Provided & No Need To Speak French!

We welcome applicants who have any level of French language skill, from total beginners who can barely say “bonjour” to those who have studied it for years and can recite Camus by heart. Plus, we don’t require any prior teaching experience at all, thanks to our full training and our fun lesson plans, which are designed with you in mind and given to you regularly, so you always know what to do!

Salary & Benefits For Our Teaching Jobs in Marseille

  • We’re proud to offer the best pay rates in the industry –  from 11€ to 16,50€ NET per hour (after tax, including holiday pay) – plus some great benefits!
  • Benefits:
    • Partial reimbursement of your monthly travel pass
    • Discounted le vélo city bike subscription
    • Free mobile phone
    • Free French lessons
    • Free trips away with our referral program
    • Dedicated HR team to help you out with any administrative problems you may have in France, with advice on things like accommodation and banking

Here’s how to apply:

Apply online today by filling out our application form and telling us a little bit about yourself. Not in France yet? You can still apply! We hire all year round and you can start when you arrive.

English-speaking Jobs in Marseille, France and Enjoy sailing!
Le Vallon des Auffes

Why Work in Marseille?

Marseille is one of the biggest cities in France, and it has so much to offer! With an impressive twenty-six centuries of history, Marseille combines history, culture, tradition and modernity – all in one city. With ancient Greek and Roman origins, medieval gems and monuments and buildings from the French revolution, Marseille really does span the ages, and you, too, could be a part of its history!

And perhaps the most alluring part… Marseille is right on the sea! Looking out over the Mediterranean, the city is found on a coastline which is full of wildly beautiful magical sites such as the Vallon des Auffes, and offers magnificent views over the islands dotted around the Bay of Marseille. Plus, it’s the main port of France, and always has been, so sea trade is a key part in the story of Marseille – in fact, the myth of its very founding is a love story between a princess and a sailor. Isn’t that cute?

Things To Do in Marseille

Marseille was named the European Capital of Culture in 2013, and, being a city so full of things to do, we think it really deserves that title. We’ve put together a little selection of all the things we think you might enjoy doing in Marseille.

Le Panier

The Panier neighbourhood is a gorgeous corner of old Marseille, built upon the ancient Greek Massalia and having a rich history as the working class district of the city. It’s up on a hill (so prepare for a walk!) which can be accessed from the quayside, and offers various colourful houses, little stairways, cobbles, boutiques, cafés and even art galleries. You’ve got to check it out! If you fancy looking at a full walking tour, read one here.

Old Port

The old port is essentially the heart of Marseille, being as old as the city itself (2600 years!) and the reason it’s there. The quays are brimming with cafés, fish restaurants, brasseries and bars for you to sit in while you watch the boats bobbing up and down on a sunny day, and then afterwards you can grab some fresh fish straight from the Mediterranean to take home for supper. Sounds idyllic, no?

Le quartier de Noailles

Nestled behind the Vieux Port de Marseille, the Noailles lively neighbourhood is right in the middle of the city’s 1er arrondissement. In the 19th century it was even swankier, as an area of Marseille reserved purely for the aristocracy. But at the turn of century, immigrants began to settle in the area, all bringing a little piece of their own culture to their new home, making it the vibrant area that it is today! It’s got an incredible market along the Rue du Marché-des-Capucins, and it’s open six days a week for you to find cuisine from all around the world. You can buy a whole pizza for about 5 euros. A whole pizza. And that’s just one of many bargains.

Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde

This amazing monument rises right above the skyline of the old port, so it’s hard to miss. The impressive neo-Byzantine church requires a little walk to get to (it’s on another hill) (which seems to be a recurring theme in our top picks for Marseille), but will reward you with a spectacular view once you’ve made it to the top, and a gorgeous interior as well.

Calanques National Park

Ok, so this one’s not quite *in* Marseille, but it is right by it, and if you’re interested in seeing some amazing, rugged, natural beauty, then you’ve simply got to see it! The park is full of spiky limestone cliffs running down to the sea, coves and creeks and a host of fantastic little tracks and groves to explore.


If you think you know what an innovative museum looks like… think again. The MuCEM (Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean) in Marseille is an architectural masterpiece in itself, built “of stone, water and wind”, and designed by the architect Rudy Riccioti in an entirely cube structure covering 15,000 square metres– it is a reinvention of the cube, and it’s really cool. Trust us. And the inside of it brings even more impressive content, with a range of exhibitions which cover an overview of Mediterranean culture, art an history. Plus, there’s a restaurant on the top of it with a panoramic view of the bay of Marseille if you fancy a spot of dinner after strolling through this amazing museum.

La Friche La Belle de Mai

Once upon a time this building was a massive tobacco factory, but nowadays it is a lively arts centre which is home to a bar, a bookshop, some art workshops, a theatre, a cinema and even a skatepark(!) as well as much more. It’s always packed full of great events, so be sure to check out their page here to see what you might like to head along to. And, once again, if you fancy adding a little bit of culinary delight to your trip, it’s also got a gorgeous restaurant called Les Grandes Tables which can serve you some fantastic locally sourced food.

Cristal Limiñana – a pastis factory

Drinking pastis is perhaps one of the most Marseille things you could do in Marseille – it’s very popular. And this experience is made all the more exciting if you’re learning how it’s made at the same time. Talk about multitasking, right? Cristal Limiñana is one of the pastis factories with a bottling plant open to visitors. So, if you head on a tour there you’ll learn all about the way pastis is produced and the recipe that goes into it, so that you can be a pastis expert in no time. Find out more here.

Enjoy The Town!

Marseille is a wonder in itself, and as one of the biggest cities in France the list of things you can do there goes on and on, so some of the best advice we can give is to just enjoy being there. Take in the atmosphere, the culture, the history, and the sheer beauty of its coastal Mediterranean surroundings and you’ll be feeling like a local in Marseille faster than you can say “pastis”.

So what’s stopping you starting a chapter in your life in Marseille?

Apply to work in Marseille on our apply page today!