Part Time Jobs in La Rochelle For English Speakers 

Looking for part-time jobs in La Rochelle? Want to experience life in France? Study and work in La Rochelle? Or just see some things to do in La Rochelle?

This page should come in handy for all of those things. La Rochelle is a gorgeous sunny city on the western coast of France. A place for old and new, tradition and modern life, a hub of fishing and trade – there’s a lot that makes La Rochelle such a lovely place to be, and we’d love to share a bit of it with you.

Working in La Rochelle with Babylangues will give you the experience of a lifetime, loads of great benefits, and some essential help settling into your life in a new country! We hire all year round, and if you’re an English speaker in La Rochelle, we’d love to have you join our community.

Babylangues is a company founded in 2008 which teaches English to French children in their daily routines. We think it is important to make learning a language as natural as possible, so we teach in a way which is fun, natural and enjoyable for both the children and our instructors. Our team of fantastic instructors spend time with the children speaking only English after school doing things like playing, dancing, drawing, singing, and so on! This is a trusted method which has been praised dozens of times over the years by both linguists and the press (including people like ELLE magazine and the BBC!). Curious? Let’s look at the job in more detail.

Find an English Speaking Job in France

Job Description & Requirements: Teach English in La Rochelle

What does this part-time job in La Rochelle look like?

  • Working with children: become part of a local family’s routine and get to know them and their French way of life! Learning and playing with the children will allow you to form a fantastic bond together.
  • Working part-time from 4 to 20 hours per week – adapt your hours to create a schedule that works for you in the most convenient location with our dedicated Match team. They’ll find you the best family available to suit your needs.
  • Get some amazing teaching experience – we fully train you and give you all the materials & methods you need to teach children, so you don’t need any prior experience. Plus, simply having this experience will be great for your CV!
  • Join an international community of instructors! We recruit all year, every year, and have done since 2008. You’ll be part of a community of thousands of people who have worked with us, and hundreds of people who work abroad in France with us right now.

So, what exactly are we looking for?

English Speaking Jobs in Paris France

Here Are Our Requirements For Applicants:

  • Be a native, fully bilingual, or native-level speaker in English.
  • Have some experience working with young children, such as tutoring or childcare.
  • Be available on at least two weekdays in the after-school period from 4pm.
  • Be aged at least 18 years old.
  • Be an EU citizen or have a valid visa.
  • Be responsible, punctual and creative – art, music, or sports skills are a great bonus!

No French Or Teaching Experience Needed

It doesn’t matter how much French you can speak! Whether you’re a total beginner, a completely fluent speaker, or somewhere in the middle, you’ll bring unique advantages to the job. Plus, no prior teaching experience is needed at all! We train up each of our instructors and provide lesson plans, so there’s never a moment when you don’t know how to teach.

Salary, Benefits, & Free French Lessons!

So, what do you get out of all of this?

Well, we’re proud to offer the best pay rates in the industry, as well as a range of cool benefits. 

Here’s what our salary and benefits look like:

  • Hourly rates from 10€ to 16,50€ NET per hour (after tax, including holiday pay)
  • Contribution to your monthly travel pass
  • Discounted Yélo subscription (the bike service in La Rochelle)
  • Free trips away with our referral program
  • Dedicated HR team to help you out with any administrative problems you may have in France, with advice on things like accommodation and banking
  • Free mobile phone
  • Free online French lessons to help you learn French
    • We offer free online French lessons to all of our working instructors every week. We think it’s important to help you learn French while you’re here with us, helping you through your journey through French language and culture.

Apply Now!

Like what you see? Here’s how you can apply:

Simply fill out our application form and tell us a little bit about yourself. It takes 10 minutes, and then it’s right in the hands of our dedicated recruitment team. Not in France yet? You can still apply! We hire all year round and you can start when you arrive.Here’s our application page.

Part time English Speaking Jobs in La Rochelle,France

Why Work in La Rochelle?

This sunny coastal city in the west is dynamic, welcoming, and lively, with boat loads of history (pun intended). La Rochelle is bustling with both vibrant urban life and peaceful corners, and it’s tucked away in one of the most incredible pockets of France – so there are plenty of spots for daytrips nearby. It’s a lovely place to live and work if you want to feel like you’re getting a proper experience of French life and culture. With its churches and secret streets, old aristocratic houses and stately homes, each area of the city takes you back to a different period of history. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit livelier, you can dance the night away at a late-night bar or head to one of the city’s nightclubs. Let’s look into some things to do in La Rochelle.

Things To Do in La Rochelle

Explore the Ports

A wise man once said that La Rochelle is best enjoyed through its various ports: The Old Port in the city centre, the marina at les Minimes, the commercial port of La Pallice, and the fishing port of Chef de Baie. The focus of the town is the old harbour which is in a gorgeous part of the town, and it’s very picturesque with its two monumental medieval towers either side of the port entrance. The old port has now become a marina, and it gives you a view that has inspired artists throughout history. Head down to the ports to see the ocean, some boats, some industry, some fishermen, some cruise ships, or simply to people watch – see what you might find in these gateways to La Rochelle!

Festivals et Francofolies

The summer festival Francofolies dates back to 1985 – making it older than Coachella – and it’s all about celebrating contemporary French song and music. Every July, the line-up ranges from the biggest names in pop, to the more alternative side of music in France, and new talent showcases. Along with the International Film Festival, the Grand Pavois, the TV Fiction Festival, the “Jazz between the Two Towers” Festival, and a good number of others, La Rochelle is a city with a diverse cultural calendar, so you should definitely keep your eyes out for what might be coming up while you’re there.

Île de Ré

Connected to La Rochelle by the aptly named 3km long Île de Ré bridge, this stunning island off the west coast is a must-visit. Sunny skies and blue waters, sandy beaches and a light breeze. What more could you want from an island in the ocean? The population of Île de Ré jumps from its 20,000 winter residents to about 220,000 in the summer, with all the Parisians coming to their second homes or the holiday making tourists from the world over – so if you can come between September and May you’re more likely to enjoy the peaceful side of this island and get a table at its best restaurants! It’s definitely best explored by bike, so try renting one for the day. Head to Quay Nicholas Baudin for some brilliant lively restaurants, the market at Le Bois Plage, and, of course, get yourself down to the beach.

Aquarium de La Rochelle

Get up close to thousands of fish for the afternoon, why not?  Take the aquarium’s “submarine” down to the ocean floor and then explore the incredible array of colourful fish from jellyfish to piranhas to sea cucumbers to octopuses, all accompanied by sounds of the sea, classical music, and the gentle humming of the awed crowds of people. There’s an immersive Galerie des Lumières upstairs if you want to spend a bit of extra money on a ticket. It’s a great way to explore and celebrate marine life! See when they’re open and get tickets on their site.

Tour de la Lanterne

Like every good coastal town or city, La Rochelle has an impressive lighthouse. But this one is rather unique, and if you were to stumble across it by accident, you might just think it was simply some kind of church tower. The Tour de la Lanterne lights up with the flame of its massive candle, becoming a beacon for seafarers and fishermen looking for the shore, and it’s actually one of the oldest lighthouses of its kind. In its lifetime it has also spent 200 years as a prison and features little etchings from all of its many incarcerated residents, including a little backgammon board on one of the cell floors. Today it is best enjoyed from the very top of the tower to give you a marvellous view out to sea.

Is everything there is to do in La Rochelle about the sea? Yes, pretty much, but we love it that way.

Find a Job in La Rochelle, France

Study in La Rochelle

Ever thought about studying abroad in La Rochelle? We thought you might want to consider studying in La Rochelle, so take a look at a handful of the educational institutions that this city has to offer and see what might suit you.

La Rochelle Université 

With 14,000 students, a campus at the heart of the city, and modern state of the art resources, the University of La Rochelle could be a perfect option for you. It was recently ranked the number 1 university in France for quality of life. It’s got all your classic courses of study such as arts, languages, law, economics, humanities and sciences, and a range of great options for international students, study abroad programs, Erasmus+ and even dual degrees. Read more.

La Rochelle Business School

This business school in La Rochelle is a great option for those of you looking for something a little different – it offers foundation courses, courses in tourism, summer schools, as well as the regular bachelors and master’s in business, management and much more. It’s a business school part of the Excelia Group and has had some high praise over the years as one of the best business schools in the world according to the Financial Times. Check them out over on their site.

La Rochelle Engineering School

This school is slightly smaller than the others, with around 1300 students, 65 professors and around 300 lecturers making up the academic body. It was founded as an extension of the four big Engineering schools in Paris which was founded in 1901, and the school has since evolved to become the diverse place it is today. They offer a full range of qualifications up to master’s degrees for budding engineers, allowing graduate students to go straight into the working engineering world. Head over to their site to read more.

Come & Work With Us!

So, that’s La Rochelle! If you like what you see on this page, why not apply to get a part time job with us today? It’s perfect for students in La Rochelle, expats in La Rochelle, and everyone else in the English-speaking world who’s in the area. We’d love to have you join our team – so go ahead and apply!

Apply today!

Remember, all it takes is about 10 minutes of your day to apply online! Sending us your application to tell us a bit about you might be the beginning of a great experience by the sunny shores of La Rochelle. What’s stopping you?