Part Time Jobs in Grenoble For English Speakers

Ever thought about living in the French Alps?

Getting a part time job there? Meeting the locals? We can help you out.
You’re on our page which is all things Grenoble, so feast your eyes on some information about our offer for a part time job in Grenoble, plus things to do in Grenoble and a handy little insight into the places you might be able to study in Grenoble – all of these experiences will stay with you for a lifetim

So, who are we?

We’re Babylangues, a company who has been trusted by thousands of families to teach English to French children since 2008. All year round we hire keen, creative, and responsible students and expats to join our fabulous team of language instructors – and the best part is, you don’t need any previous teaching experience or French speaking skills, and we can give you access to some amazing benefits and reward

Find an English Speaking Job in France

Job Description: Teach English in Grenoble

This part-time English teaching job in Grenoble is flexible and designed to work for both you and the children you teach.
The job of our language instructors is to bring English speaking into the lives of French children and their families, making learning a language part of their daily routine. Boring textbooks and old fashioned language activities are nowhere to be seen – our unique method is all about play, routine, and creativity, and it’s a method that’s been backed up by many linguists and scientists to work very well (plus a few famous media outlets too, like the BBC and NPR!). By spending time in English playing, dancing, singing, doing puzzles, snacking, drawing, going to the park, reading and so on, the children pick up English in a natural way, the way they would their mother tongue – and it’s your job to guide them through this learning experience.

You’ll be working closely and regularly with a local French family and getting to see how they live their life to get a true insight into French life and culture in Grenoble.
Plus, like we said, it’s designed to be flexible. As long as you’re free a couple of times a week in the after-school hours, your schedule will be built around your availability and is designed to be simple for you.
You can work anything from 4 to 20 hours per week based on what you like, and you’ll be fully trained and equipped with all the materials you need. It’s an experience you’ll never forget, you’ll get to form a bond with a family, and it’ll give you teaching experience that will serve you for the rest of your life!

Teach English in France with Babylangues


So, what requirements do we have for budding applicants? We’re looking for people who are: 

  • Native English speakers, or have native level fluency
  • Aged 18 or older
  • Citizens of the European Union or have a valid visa
  • Somewhat experienced working with children (things like childcare, tutoring, or sports coaching are all great!)
  • Available at least two times a week in after school hours (so from about 4pm on weekdays and/or on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays)
  • Staying in Grenoble for at least a whole semester / 3-4 months (or longer, of course!)
  • Kind, keen, creative and responsible


  • You don’t need any prior teaching experience (because you’ll be fully trained!)
  • And you don’t need French speaking skills! We hire people with any level of French, whether beginner or fluent, and it makes no difference to your experience – if anything, being at either end of the scale comes with its own advantages for the job.

Salary & Benefits

Ah yes, the bit you’ve all been waiting for – how much is the pay and what do you get out of having this part-time job in Grenoble?

  • We pay competitive pay rates – actually the best in the industry!
    • €21.50/hour before tax for intensive workshops 
    • €12.39/hour before tax for regular after-school sessions
  • A CDI contract (which is the safest and simplest one you can get in France)
  • Discounted annual Métrovélo’ subscription (bike service)
  • Contribution towards your monthly travel costs
  • Free basic mobile phone (with a French phone number!)
  • Free online French classes
  • Free trips away with our referral program
  • Free administrative help from our HR team to help you settle into life in Grenoble

Come and work with us! Apply today.

Like what you see? Applying is as easy as 1-2-3! All it takes is 10 minutes to fill out our online application form. From there, your application comes straight through to our recruitment team for review, and they’ll be in contact with you soon.

Why Work in Grenoble?

Grenoble is a unique little French city tucked away at the foot of the Alps in the south east of France. It’s in an area of stunning natural beauty, surrounded by tall evergreen forests and snowy mountain peaks. Although it’s surrounded by mountains which are perfect for winter sports, the city itself is actually pretty flat being in between the rivers Drac and Isère, giving it the space it needs for all its buzzing culture, student life, and local charm. It’s not short of character! So, what exactly can you get up to in Grenoble?

English Speaking Jobs in Grenoble

Things To Do in Grenoble

Enjoy the Alps

The city being so close to the mountains means you have access to a whole load of brilliant activities to enjoy in both summer and winter. Grenoble is surrounded by the Belledonne, Vercors et Chartreuse mountains, meaning there’s so much to explore for all you nature-lovers. In the winter, it’s all about the skiing. With a whopping twenty ski resorts in the Grenoble area, the closest one is only a 15-minute drive from the city and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Ski, snowboard, and have fun at après ski to your heart’s content. But it’s not all about the winter. In summer, there’s a huge selection of nature reserves and national parks in the Alps that are perfect for you to hike in – take a few drinks in a cooler and a picnic and you’ve got a gorgeous summer afternoon planned.

Cable Car – Le Téléphérique

La Téléphérique is quite simply a cable car – in fact, it was the very first urban cable car in the whole of France! It was built in Grenoble in 1934 and was then transformed into the “bulles” in 1976. These cute bubble-shaped cable cars will take you up to a soaring height of 500m in the air, where you can look out over the city, the surrounding mountains, forests, and all the stunning scenery which stretches as far as the eye can see. Check out the rates here.

Le Musée Dauphinois

This 17th century convent-turned-museum is located on Bastille hill. It’s dedicated to the culture and life of the alpine people native to this part of the world – the Dauphiné highlands – who created a unique way of life and identity around the surrounding harsh environment. Beyond its original purpose as a convent, the building has also been a prison, a cavern, and accommodation in its lifetime, so it’s got a rich history that compliments the museum very well indeed. All the exhibitions are curated to give an accurate representation of the history of the native people – what they ate, wore, created and crafted, as well as a history of skiing from the Stone Age to the Winter Olympics. A lot of it is interactive, but there’s so much to see it’s hard to be bored in there. And a lovely bonus of the museum is that it also has a free private garden which has some stunning views of the old town and the banks of the river Isère. Read more about it and see a site with more information about museums in the area.

Cuves de Sassenage

Looking at the mountains is nice and all, and ideal for nabbing a picture or two for Instagram, but what about actually exploring them? At the Cuves de Sassenage you can go into the caves of the Vercors mountains. These hidden gems were created through water erosion over millions of years and even today you can hear the trickling water and see the streams inside. When first opened, the cave trail was only about 200m long but we’re lucky enough today to be able to walk for over a kilometre inside the mountain and see all of its internal beauty. And as if that’s not cool enough, the entire length of the path into the caves overhangs a beautiful canyon, waterfalls and green space. Find out more.

City Centre

If you like city strolls, then Grenoble will be your kind of town. The historic quarter is full of pedestrian routes and little nooks and crannies to discover, from the cathédrale Notre-Dame built in the 10th century to the Ancien Palais du Parlement, which has been the seat of Justice in Grenoble for the past 500 years. Thanks to the Jardin de Ville and the banks of the Isère, the city centre isn’t over-industrialized either, giving walkers some lovely green areas to simply “flaner”.

La Bastille

A list of things to do in Grenoble simply is not complete without La Bastille, which is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. This colossal fortress is hundreds of years old, dating all the way back to the Middle Ages as a building for protecting and defending the city. It came in very useful in the 19th century as a way to defend Grenoble from invasions from the Duchy of Savoy. You can explore the whole fortress and some secret underground passages, enjoy the museum or even dine at one of the restaurants on site. Check out more here.

Parc Paul Mistral

Fancy a break from your urban surroundings but can’t be bothered to hike all the way into the mountains? This is the city’s favourite park which provides a beautiful green space right in the heart of the city and is also home to the city hall. With almost 30 hectares to explore, you can spend absolutely hours here, or get involved in some of the many activities that the locals get up to from roller skating to yoga to chess tournaments!

Teach English in Grenoble

Study in Grenoble

Ever thought about studying abroad in Grenoble? Want to get involved in local student life and get some qualifications to set you up for life? Consider studying in Grenoble and have a look at a handful of the educational institutions that this city has to offer. Spending part of your studies abroad is a brilliant experience. Plus, it gives you the free time needed to ski, explore, socialise, or even get a part time job to make a bit of extra cash (we’re offering a pretty good one!). So, without further ado, here are some of the key places you might be able to study in Grenoble.

Université de Grenoble / Grenoble Alps University

The Université Grenoble Alps is actually the third largest university in France, being the study home to almost 60,000 students, spread out over two large urban campuses. This university has almost 700 years of history and today is one of the most important scientific centres in the whole of Europe – in fact, the Times Higher Education ranked it in the top 50 Young Universities in the world in 2019. With a wide network of international partners, this could be the place for you. Read more about them on their site here.

Grenoble École de Management

This school is a renowned educational centre for business, management, marketing and a selection of sciences. It’s proud to be ranked by the 2019 Financial Times as one of the top 6 such institutions in France, top 25 in Europe and top 50 in the world. You’ll be learning in good hands alongside the thousands of students in its body, studying around 50 programs in French and in English. Once again, it’s got plenty of international partners and opportunities for people looking to study abroad, so it’ll welcome you with open arms. Here’s the link for their site.

Grenoble INP

The full title “Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering and Management” gives a better picture of what this school is all about: engineering and management! The school plays a major role in the scientific and industrial community both locally and on a national level and has close links with the Université Grenoble Alps. With summer schools, exchange semesters, and full degrees in a range of science and engineering subjects all taught in English, this could be a great option for the scientists amongst you. Read more on their site.

Come & Work With Us!

So, that’s everything we’ve got to say about Grenoble! If you like what you see on this page, why not apply to get a part time job with us today? It’s perfect for students in Grenoble, expats and everyone else in the English-speaking world who are in the area. We’d love to have you join our team – so go ahead and apply!

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Remember, all it takes is about 10 minutes of your day to apply online! Sending us your application to tell us a bit about you might be the beginning of a great experience in the alpine city of Grenoble. What’s stopping you?