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English Speaking Jobs in Dijon

Jobs in Dijon – For English Speakers

Discover our Job opportunities in France. If you are looking to settle in Bourgogne, we have part-time teaching jobs in Dijon.


Dijon is one of the great provincial cities of France. Fabulously wealthy, the architectural and cultural legacy of the Dukes of Burgundy can be found throughout the city. Dijon is well preserved and exhibits over one hundred hectares of magnificent monuments, medieval buildings and country houses. While the city may no longer boast the same political prowess as it did in the fifteenth century, Dijon has maintained its air of prosperity and easy living. Everyone knows Dijon for its mustard, however there is far more to this ancient town than its piquant sauce.

From the church of Notre Dame, a Gothic extravaganza fronted by row upon row of gargoyles, to the magnificent Palace of the Dukes, Dijon is packed full of wonders, even down to its post office, a masterpiece of baroque art. Seventeenth-century country houses with ornate balconies and eye-catching statuary are tucked away down cobbled side streets. At the Place François Rude, the fountain in the middle of the square is topped with a statue of a man treading grapes. In September, after the harvest, the fountain runs with red wine for a day in celebration of this tradition.

Every year Dijon is host to one of France’s largest food festivals, the Dijon International Gastronomy Fair. The fair is known throughout France and is the perfect way to eat your way through a weekend in the Burgundy region. The event includes cooking demonstrations for those interested in learning a few new cooking tips while enjoying samples of the professionally prepared food. With hundreds of stands hosted by amateur and professional cooks, new products in the field of food and wine and lots of delicious things to try, this fair is a highlight of the Dijon calendar.




  • No teaching experience needed
  • No specific diploma required
  • English to a native level
  • Previous experience working with children required
  • Creative, arts or sports skills would be a plus

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Jobs in Dijon - Roof

All Babylangues Instructors are fully trained into our methodology, receive teaching materials and weekly assignments. That is why we do not require previous teaching experience.

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