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English Speaking Jobs in Bordeaux


Bordeaux is where the Babylangues concept was first conceived, we therefore have a strong attachment to this city! You can find out more about our story here.

Stroll through the city centre, spliced by rue St Catherine, one of the longest shopping streets in Europe, flanked by boutiques and shops. Discover the cathedral, the Pey-Berland tower and the origins of the old city down by the docks. Bordeaux is inscribed as an historic city, an urban an architectural ensemble, created in the age of Enlightenment, with medieval and modern infrastructures intertwined with bourgeois buildings, interspersed with charming bistros and quaint restaurants.

For many years, the city was a large port, recognised for its historic role as a place of exchange of cultural values, particularly since the twelfth century due to its commercial links with Britain and the Low Lands. Bordeaux is also a city close to its agricultural roots, with its vineyards and moors, its tiny villages and countryside. The city has expanded in the wine production industry and in maritime and colonial affairs.

The Port of the Moon, an expression coined by the city’s former inhabitants to describe its open arc shape leading out into the Garonne, is no longer involved in commercial trade, but was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007. The University of Bordeaux, founded in 1441, is one of the oldest in France and also plays an important role in the life of the city. Built in the late-eighteenth century by Victor Louis, The Grand Théâtre predates the Opéra Garnier of Paris by over a century.


Looking for a part-time job? Want to make the most of your stay in Bordeaux?
Why not join Babylangues and teach English to French children in a fun and creative way?

Babylangues offers English Speaking jobs in Bordeaux.
Starting date: We recruit on a rolling basis. You could start as soon as possible!
Working hours: At least 2 days a week starting 4pm, and/or all-day Wednesday, Saturday

Become part of a youthful, dynamic and international team!

As an Instructor at Babylangues, you will:

  • Work with children and share your passion for languages
  • Receive training in Babylangues’ methodology, acquire skills and discover a new way of teaching
  • Improve your understanding of French culture by meeting French families
  • Join a wide community of highly qualified language instructors and make friends from all over the world



Competitive pay rates: 10-16.50€ NET per hour:

  • Typically €16.50 net/hour (21.50 before tax) for qualified teaching sessions (1h30).
  • Typically €10 net/hour (12.30 before tax) for after-school sessions (min 2h30).





  • Free mobile subscription
  • Free VCUB pass (bike service)
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No prior teaching credentials are required to become a Babylangues instructor, as all instructors are fully trained and provided with extensive pedagogical material upon joining the company.

Training takes place in Paris. Travel expenses to attend this session will be assumed by Babylangues, in accordance with the conditions stipulated by the company.

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