Part-time English Speaking Jobs in Angers, France

Looking for a part-time English-speaking job in Angers, France? We’re looking for native speakers to teach English to children. Our instructors teach children aged between 3 and 12 years old through sessions and workshops in a creative way, outside of the classroom environment!

Working part-time for Babylangues gives you plenty of time to enjoy the city and its surroundings in your free-time. That’s why this is the ideal job to give you a steady income whilst enjoying everything France has to offer.

Find out more about our teaching methods and our company philosophy here.

Part-Time Jobs for English Speakers in France

Job Description & Requirements For Teaching Jobs in Angers, France

Here’s a quick summary of what the job looks like:

  • Work with childrenmake teaching English a part of a child’s routine and become a part of their routine yourself by spending time together outside of school.
  • Meet local French families – improve your understanding of French language, life and culture.

Here’s a summary of what we’re looking for from applicants:

  • Native or native-level proficiency in English.
  • Significant work experience with young children, such as tutoring or childcare.
  • Be available on at least two weekdays from 4pm.
  • Be aged at least 18 years old.
  • Be an EU citizen or have a valid visa.
  • Be responsible, keen, punctual and creative – art, music, or sports skills are a plus!

Here’s what we can give you:

Part Time Jobs for English Speakers Salary and Benefits

Here’s What Our Salary & Benefits Look Like For Our Jobs in Angers, France

  • Competitive pay rates – we offer the best salary in the industry!
  • Discounted bike rental subscription.
  • Contribution to your monthly travel pass.
  • Free mobile phone.

Here’s how to apply:

Simply apply online today by filling out our application form. The link for it is here:

What’s It Like To Work Part-time in Angers, France?

Our flexible, part-time schedule will give you time to explore the city of Angers!

Get around the city and travel to work by using the city’s new tram system, by bus, or by bike.

Situated in the west of France, Angers is well connected to other western cities such as Rennes, Tours and Nantes. Plus, it’s only a two-hour train from Paris! These transport links give you the opportunity to travel around France during your time in Angers.

Want to learn about the history and culture of Angers?

About Angers – History, Art & Culture

Here’s some information about the city:

Angers is the capital of the Anjou region. It’s home to the House of Plantagenet, who were the Kings of England back in the twelfth century, which gives it a rich historical background! Plus, it is the gateway to the Loire country, near the vineyards and Chateaux of the Loire Valley, so Angers has much to attract, not least some of the best wines in France.

Angers is also a city which is alive with colour! With its deep blue Trélazé slate roofs, white freestone and green parks, and its well-known fresh produce and cut flowers, the city’s palette of fresh colours makes it simply gorgeous to live and work in.

There are plenty of beautiful buildings, historical landmarks, museums and cultural attractions to discover. These include:

Château of Plessis-Mace

An impressive castle-turned-residence! This château outside the centre of Angers has both medieval charm and refined gothic detail and beauty.

Musée des Beaux-Arts

This art museum is in an old mansion and is part of the Toussaint complex, which also features a garden of fine arts and the city library. The art in the museum dates from the 14th to the 20th century and you can enjoy a bite to eat in the cafe, or a stroll around the gardens afterwards!

Cathédrale St-Maurice

The city’s impressive Roman-Catholic cathedral, built between 1th and 16th centuries, is situated just by the river in the centre of town.

Château de Serrant

Another château did you say? This magnificent Renaissance fortification is just 15km from Angers in the heart of the Loire valley.

Castle of Angers

This mighty castle is an authentic medieval construct built for the Dukes of Anjou, and its now dry moat contains wonderful gardens and inside the castle hangs the largest medieval tapestry in the world.

Terra Botanica

This garden amusement park features the scents and colours of plants from all over the world. You can choose to explore it by water in your own unmanned boat, or by air, as you soar above the garden in the world’s biggest hot air balloon! If this is not enough, you can also visit the park’s 4D cinema, or take a trip through the treetops in a pedalo boat turned rollercoaster car.

teaching jobs in angers, france

Life & Annual Events in Angers – Work & Play

With a part-time job in Angers, you could become part of the city’s almost 400,000 inhabitants and get involved with annual events!

Angers hosts many lively events and festivals. Here’s a list of what goes on around the city:

The city’s bicycle festival: Tous à vélo

During this festival, many of the roads around Angers are reserved just for cyclists.

This 140km route stretches from Angers to Saumur, passing via Fontevraud-l’Abbaye, and it is divided into twenty-six stages. Each village throughout the course cheers on the participants with the same energy as they would for the Tour de France. This is a vibrant event that brings together the region every summer!

Film festival: Premiers plans

This annual film festival happens for a whole week every January, and it is dedicated to new and upcoming talent in European cinema in all genres. It attracts tens of thousands of spectators every year – you could be one of them!

Anjou Festival

The Anjou Festival is one of the biggest outdoor theatre events in France! It takes place in many historic sites around Anjou (the capital of which is Angers), and has been running for decades – it was created in 1952! This festival attracts almost 30,000 people every summer to see its many performances, workshops and meetings, so why not join them?