Jobs in Aix-en-provence With Babylangues

Teach English or your native language to children aged 3 – 12 in their home environment through games and activities in this beautiful town in the sunny south of France! 

Being a part-time English instructor for Babylangues gives you plenty of time to enjoy the city and its surroundings in your free-time, which is why this is the ideal job to have a steady income whilst enjoying everything the South of France has to offer. 

With the possibility to work anywhere between 5 and 25 hours per week, one of the best pay rates in the industry, and additional benefits, Babylangues positions adapt to your personal schedule and other commitments. 

If you are currently working or studying in Aix and need to make some extra money on the side, or you are an expat, on a gap-year or on a working holiday visa, this is the job for you! 

Being so closely involved in life in Aix-en Provence through working with children on a daily-basis will make you look like a local in no time! 

Part-Time Jobs for English Speakers in France

Why Teach English in Aix-en-provence?

The atmosphere of the South of France is uniquely calm and relaxed. 
Paul Cezanne and Emile Zola both chose this little town as the place to work and produce great art and literature – and hey, they must know what they’re talking about since they are still widely remembered as great French minds. 
You can spend hours strolling around the old town and enjoying the great architecture, cafés, artsy shops and boutiques. 
Its prime location in the south of France also allows you to hop over to the Cote d’Azur and let your inner celebrity run wild whilst you stroll along the port and imagine which yacht you would buy if you won the lottery. 

  • Find out all about life in Aix, things to do and what to visit down below. 
  • With the many perks and benefits that come with being a Babylangues Instructor, you can enjoy everything that Aix has to offer! 
  • We are proud to have one of the best pay-rates in the industry.

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Live in Aix En Provence

Aix-en-Provence, or simply called ‘Aix’, is mostly famous for being the home of the post-impressionist painter Cézanne – but there is much more to it than the faded memories of one of France’s great artists! 

The city is quiet, clean and comfortable to live in, being one of the richest cities in France. 

You can walk around the small city center or go on long walks in the surrounding countryside – whether you’re a city or country person, there is something for everyone to do in Aix! 

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Old Town 

The cultural and historic heritage will keep you in awe during your time in Aix! 

The historical neighborhood hides treasures that can be spotted at every corner. 

To the north, you can find the ancient Roman city, and its remains include a great spa and elegant boulevards that invite you to ‘flaner’ and enjoy the beautiful architecture. 

Public Transport 

You can easily get around by walking in Aix, but there is also a reliable and extensive bus-network to get you from place to place! 


As a Babylangues Instructor, we will give you helpful tips and tricks on how to find accommodation in Aix!

English Speaking Jobs in AIX EN PROVENCE

Work & Study in Aix-en-provence!

Working as a Babylangues Instructor is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash whilst you’re working or studying! The flexible hours we offer are great to fit into your individual schedule. 

On top of that, we try to match you with a family that lives close to your home, university or school. 

Study in Aix-en-provence

Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence 

Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence is the only branch of the prestigious French university in the South of France and is located in the middle of the historic city center of Aix. 
It attracts people from all over the world for their renowned social science courses. 
Amongst the courses the university are Political Science, International Relations, Law, History, Media and Communications, Sociology, Anthropology and Foreign Languages.

IAE Aix-Marseille Graduate School 

Thinking about doing your masters in France? Every year, IAE Aix-Marseille hosts students from over 50 countries and offers a variety of courses in English. 
Student life is rich and dynamic, with many associations and projects ranging from sports to entrepreneurial and cultural activities on offer:

Ecole Supérieure d’Art Aix-en Provence

The ESA Aix is part of the national network of schools of art and offers workshops and courses to a multicultural student body, welcoming many Erasmus students.  
Could you be the next Cezanne? You never know if you never try.

Study and work in Aix-en-Provence, France

Language Schools in Aix-en-Provence

Want to improve your French? Working with French children is an excellent way to improve your vocabulary and learn new words. 
If you wish to take a language course as well, two great options in Aix are: 

Things To Do & See Whilst Working in Aix 

As an English teacher for Babylangues, you will have a unique access to the many sights and cultural activities that Aix has on offer. Some things you might wish to go to or will come across in your daily life in Aix are: 

Atelier Cezanne 

atelier cezanne aix

Visit Paul Cézannes’ original studio that is still equipped with its original furniture. The space is on every tourist’s list, so don’t forget to book in advance – but hey, being a local, why not pop in during the week to avoid the busy crowd on weekends? 

Aix Cathedral Saint-Saveur

This impressive cathedral is a national monument of France and is a mix between a baffling three architectural styles: It includes Romanesque, Gothic and Neogothic elements! It presides over the centre-ville and you are sure to come across it on your daily strolls and commutes. You can pop inside every day between 8 am and 7.30 pm – just be weary on Sunday before 12.30 as masses and services are held. 

Cours Mirabeau

The Cours Mirabeau is one of the cities great boulevards and brings an air of Parisian chic to Aix. Bookshops and cafés invite you to enjoy yourself to people-watch on a sunny afternoon or to wander in the shade of the trees to get your daily exercise. 

Montagne Sainte-Victoire 

The impressive mountain chain is considered a landmark of the Provence region and, as you can see below, featured as Cezanne’s muse. Good old Cezanne never failed to impress us with his rebellious streak, devoting himself to a rocky mountain rather than taking a mistress like the other painters. The outcomes were quite impressive, we must admit. Jokes aside, the montagne is the perfect area for relaxed walks and for picnics, which allows you to reap all the perks of living in the countryside without actually doing so! 

Montagne Sainte-Victoire

Musée Granet 

Of course, more works of Cezanne can be found in the Musée Granet, but there are also exhibitions featuring a vast variety of works ranging from Giacometti to sculptures to archeological gems. If you’re the tiniest bit into art or figure your stay in France is the perfect opportunity to give it a go, we highly recommend a visit!

Wine Tourism 

Fancy drinking a good glass of red or white whilst glancing over historic vineyards? You can take a one day or even half-day tour starting in Aix to explore the most famous surrounding vineyards in the Provence region. They’re perfect for when your family comes to visit or even just for a fun day trip with friends. 

Le Terrain des Peintres 

The Field of the Painters is a brief 15 minute walk away from the atelier de Cézanne, and as you might have guessed, our favourite painter came here often during the last years of his life to paint the surrounding landscape. If you feel like escaping the bustling energy of the city for a bit, why not take in the views and take a breath of fresh air ? 

grand marche aix en provence

Le Grand Marché 

The market in the center of Aix is a true institutions and dearly beloved by the locals. You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a range of textiles and, of course, some local French wine. The market stretches from the place de Combattants along the avenue Victor Hugo (of which there is at least one in every French city it seems) to the Cours Mirabeau and the place de Verdin. 

vasarely foundation aix

Vasarely Foundation 

The funky looking center for architectural design is listed as a historic monument. Visitors are able to explore the world of the artist across 200 original works and be astonished by the shrill colours and symmetrical forms that reminds us of being stuck in a massive kaleidoscope. It’s definitely a very cool experience. 

Bars, Clubs & Theatres in Aix En Provence 

 aix en provence

Want a taste of nightlife in Aix? Check out some of our suggestions and picture yourself sipping margaritas in the warm summer nights and dancing to some tunes in one of the cities clubs or bars. 

Le Wood’s – Bar 

This student bar has a big outside area in the middle of a bustling square where you can sit with friends and enjoy a cold pint and various other drinks. Sometimes, there will also be a DJ set or a live performance going on. Hang out with all the young French students and make some new friends and acquaintances. 

A casa – Bar 

Another bar that can be found in Aix serves a range of wines, beers and cocktails. It boasts a very relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, but turns into a party haven at night with DJ sets that allow you to party until the early hours of the morning!

Hot Brass Aix – Club

Audience, Concert, Music, Entertainment, People, Crowd

A club with a pool – need we say more? Admittedly, it is not in Aix, but in the neighboring town of Célony, approximately 7 kilometers to the north of the town. But fear not, there is a free shuttle service that can take you there! It’s one of the region’s most famous clubs, the music they play is as eclectic as the groups of people it attracts!

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