Good Deals & Events in October 2018

Discover the unusual festivals, exhibitions and celebrations in France this October.

Nuit Blanche

6 October

Nuit Blanche is a one-night only event in Paris that focuses on art and exhibitions. Now in its fifteenth year, Nuit Blanche offers exclusive exhibitions and free gallery entrances for it duration. However the catch is that it happens all night. Starting at 7pm (sundown), this festival goes on till sunrise the next day. Make the most of it by seeing what’s on near you!

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FÊtes de Vendanges

10 – 14 October

Even in the city, autumn is the time of harvest! The hills behind the church of Sacre-Coeur produce a small amount of wine each year and so the 18eme arrondissement celebrates with a harvest festival. You’ll get wine tastings, markets with local delicacies and much more. This year there’s also a free, four-night music festival called Décibel Vendanges to celebrate the occasion.

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FÊte de La Science

6 – 14 October

We see a lot of cultural events like art exhibitions or festivals, but if you’re more scientifically minded, don’t miss out on the ‘fete de la science’! A nation-wide science festival, the ‘fete de la science’ aims to connect the public with science and so a lot of free activities and talks are on offer all around France. See what’s on in your city now!

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Salon Du Chocolat

31 October- 4 November

For all you chocoholics out there, the Salon du Chocolat is coming to Paris on the 31st of October. It’s the world’s biggest annual fair dedicated to chocolate. There are various events such as free tastings, expositions and chocolate trade fairs. There’s only treats in store this Halloween!

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Bordeaux Record Fair

13 – 14 October

The Bordeaux Record Fair comes to town. Whether you like rock or jazz or funk or soul, you’ll find a record for you. The fair attracts both sellers and collectors of records, so perhaps you’ll find a hidden gem.