Calendar of Good Deals for May in France

Fête De L’europe – 7th May

Come and discover this year’s Fête de l’Europe, which is set to emphasise the importance of community values and ideas surrounding the construction of a European framework through concerts, debates and interactive workshops designed for all age ranges. This eleventh edition will be focusing in particular on the theme of living together in harmony, with highlights including Europavox who have concocted an eclectic and vibrant musical programme for the occasion.

Nuits Sonores in Lyon – 4th To 8th May

Nuits Sonores is a French festival dedicated entirely to electronic, independent, visual and digital cultures. Combining music, graphic arts and architecture, the festival will transform forty different locations across the city. Over the years, more than two hundred and fifty locations in Lyon have been used and redesigned, including art galleries, industrial wastelands, rooftops and even swimming pools. Nuits Sonores is a giant playground for those who share this love of music, artistic curiosity and new discoveries.

Fête De La Bretagne – 14th To 22nd May

May is the month to celebrate Brittany. The Brittany Festival is everywhere in France but especially prominent in Paris in recent years. For this fifth edition, take the opportunity to experience some of their local traditions and customs through many surprising and innovative events. With concerts, dance workshops and even flash mobs dispersed across the capital, this is a celebration inspired by community and family spirit.

Nuit Européenne Des Musées – 21st May

Every year, the European Night of museums is the chance to discover new and spectacular art expositions. From interactive workshops to creative exhibitions, from vibrant illuminations to treasure hunts, this event held in cities around Europe is the ideal way to unearth and explore the rising artistic scene, with events specifically designed for all age ranges.