March 2020 – All month
The Dunkirk carnival is one of France’s oldest and most unique events, a crazy, colourful celebration leading up to Ash Wednesday. The carnival dates back to the early 17th century when sailors would leave to fish for cod near Newfoundland and Iceland and before they left there would be festivities to see them off. For two-and-a-half months, the carnival-goers gather to parade in a joyful and family-friendly atmosphere with a grand ball every Saturday night and bands or orchestras to entertain people in the streets every Sunday afternoon.

20th-23rd March
The Livre Paris is a prestigious annual book fair event which presents the works of contemporary authors and highlight their works which wish to challenge the world around us and write about our future. 

21st March
The 34th Festival des Arts martiaux (martial arts) held in Paris is expected to draw roughly 10,000 martial arts enthusiasts. Gathering together all the best performers in the world of martial arts to put on one of the best spectacles in the sport.

7th- 23rd March
This annual festival sees, and hears, recitals over a two week period in bars, theatres, clubs and cafés all over town. 

7th-8th March
In Sarlat, foie gras is celebrated during the first weekend in March. On Place de la Liberté there is a big traditional market promoting foie gras, the region’s speciality. The festivities are attended by many and throughout, flocks of geese are also guided around the medieval city.

15th Feb-3rd March 
Each year the Lemon Festival attracts over 200,000 to Menton which you can easily get to from Nice. Over 145 tonnes of citrus fruits are used in gardens, to create giant statues of elephants, and floats, which parade around the city at night, created with only lemons.

Free Museum Entry 

Remember that some museums, especially in Paris, offer free entry on the first Sunday of each month (which will be the 1st March this month) to help make culture more accessible for all!