Good Deals & Events in January 2019

Discover the unusual festivals, exhibitions and celebrations in France this January.

Paris Fashion Week

15th – 24th January

Fashion week is back in town folks! That means loads of runways, exhibitions and the opportunity to even spot a celebrity around town. The men’s fashion week will be going on from the 15th – 20th January, followed by the haute couture week from the 21st – 24th January.

Find out more HERE. Fait Le Mur

2nd – 12th January

This exhibition features the various works of M.Chat. You may have seen his characteristic yellow grinning cat on the streets of France, well now the artist himself will talk about the cultural and urban influences behind his work. On the topic of exhibitions, many of the big ones will be ending this month, so it’s your last chance to catch them!

Check out what it’s all about HERE.

Inauguration Of The Halles Tropisme

18th – 20th January

In Montpellier, this new hall will be a place specially dedicated to the creative industry and the arts. And what better way to inaugurate it than a huge party? There will concerts, exhibitions and even a giant brunch on Sunday! Best of all, it’s free entry for the whole weekend.

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Light Matters

until 3rd February

The Espace Fondation EDF is holding a giant exhibition dedicated to light. The entire space will be transformed into a labyrinth of red and blue LED lights, playing and toying with the visitors who enter. The artist intends to use the light to express the changing emotional states of the visitors who enter: from the sensual red to the more rational, cold blue.

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Bordeaux Rock

23rd – 27th January

Looking for a winter warmer? Well, the Bordeaux Rock festival comes back to the city! And there will be a special programme this year to celebrate 15 years of the festival’s existence. Rock out to both international and local bordelais bands with players from Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine and more!